Before and After – Mikhaila Through the Ages

By Mikhaila

Here goes.

I’ve had a number of people comment, “Hey where’s your scar, that’s not a real pic of you,” or, “This isn’t Jordan’s daughter, she doesn’t have scars”, orrrrr “this diet can’t be that good, you looked good before, (or better)”.

A) Most of my Instagram pics are from after I went low carb. So yeah they look pretty good. Thank you.

B) The bikini pics are pre-baby, and low carb, so yeah, they’re going to look pretty good. Thank you.

Anyway. Perhaps these rather irritating people have a point. So here are some pictures that I don’t like, I have never liked, but do show what kind of changes my body went through when I went low carb and then carnivore. My Instagram posts are mostly from after I went low carb. So there are no photos I don’t like there. Obviously.

And I don’t have any “before” photos. 

There was never a point in my life where I stood in front of a camera and took a picture of my body because I thought it would change. I wasn’t thinking, “Hey maybe I should take a before pic as I will cure my crippling depression and autoimmune disorder. Now seems like a good time.”

I have scrounged around on my best friends Facebook and found what I have found. All untagged photos that I didn’t like, but showed what happened to my body when I went to university and survived off of beer, pizza, pierogies, and ichiban.

Here I am before shit hit the fan (the first time) – a month before they told me I might need a hip replacement (August 2008):

And here are some surgical pics to get that out of the way. My scars are healed now obviously. It’s almost been a decade (these photos are from 2009). They’re not obvious in photos because they’re not obvious anymore. My ankle scar was horrid for the first 4 years but now it’s faded:

My hip scar right after surgery.
My hip x-ray post-surgery.
My hip scar now (2018).
What an MRI looked like pre-surgery.
What my ankle looked like on an x-ray pre- surgery  (age 17 no cartilage in between the joint).
My beautiful but swollen ankle before surgery.
The next time I saw my ankle. Yes, I was terrified.
My ankle x-ray post-surgery.
My ankle scar now (2018). With some very chipped nail polish.

Here are pics of a skinny post-surgery teenager (2011 summer):

Weight wasn’t my issue then. I had just had surgery and lost a bunch of weight. I was skinny. I was still sick.
Swollen eyes in this pic. It shows a good before pic for the following university pictures.

And then university happened (late 2011- early 2012):

Then there was a LOT of the above (2012).
And a lot of the above (2012).

Here are some pics of me after I gained 30 pounds in the year after the above pics (2012 winter-2013 spring). This was just before my skin really freaked out:

Gallons of beer consumed nightly. Joining me is my wonderful best friend Rebecca Connors.

I dropped out after year 2 (2013) due to serious mental health issues, came home and upped my meat intake and lowered my noodle intake. I lost about 10 pounds after that and felt quite a bit better emotionally. Something to be said for not surviving off of beer and pizza. Some of my Instagrams are from then. This is when my skin really started to freak out. For pics of that go HERE. There were times in between with skin that wasn’t clear but was coverable with makeup. Those are the ones on my Instagram.

The rest (and all the bloating) came off when I went low carb (old bikini pics are from then):

The above photo was 2 months after the original elimination diet.

The above was a year after the elimination diet.

And after the pregnancy, my pics are from my carnivore days:

Now I can just link to this article when that person comments “where’s your scar” as if they have uncovered a conspiracy theory. Or “perhaps this isn’t Jordan’s daughter” or “your body never changed”. I was fortunate to figure out my issues before I seriously gained a lot of weight. But gaining 30 pounds in a year is serious enough. Not to mention the crippling depression and arthritis and fatigue and skin issues and itching.

For the most part, of course, people have been wonderful. And this was probably a necessary post. Thanks for the support! Hope this helps some people.


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  1. hey- i listened to your dad’s podcasts with joe rogan.. on the podcasts he mentions you and your issues. first, i am sorry about everything you have gone through. second, i just got blood work done today to test for RA. i am really nervous about the results. i don’t want to go on medication like you do. is there a place on this blog where you break down your whole diet.. ive been on the keto diet.. but went camping last wk and ate a bunch of junk. since then i have been in more pain… so im thinking diet is the main issue. thanks for writing all of this

    1. Hey! I’m going on Joe Rogan on Thursday and I’ll be delving into a whole bunch of detail there. It’s completely manageable with diet. I don’t have any symptoms. I have an extremely restricted diet but I love it. Try not to stress out too much! It was probably the junk that’s causing pain. Cheating isn’t worth it. And the keto diet would probably help but dairy was a huge trigger for me, so I’d definitely ditch that if you’re sticking with keto.

    2. So being on keto I shouldn’t drink milk or eat cheese????? I’m stuck can’t get past 235 .

  2. Hey! Just got done listening to your podcast with joe rogan. You talked about dairy being a trigger for you and I was wondering if butter would do the same? I love butter and I don’t want to let it go. Also whenever I did carnivore, which I only did as long as maybe 3-4 weeks, I had leg cramps like crazy even tho I was supplementing with magnesium and salting my beef. Any suggestions ? Thank you <3

    1. Carbs store water, so when you go low or no carbs your body dumps the water. If you are not a real regular water drink this can cause some dehydration in those muscles you feel cramping. You are make fast hard changes to your diet you have to compensate for the lack of thirst and make sure you’re getting enough water.

  3. Hey, just listened to the Joe Rogan podcast you were on, and your diet problems (gut/diet effecting autoimmune system) reminded me of something I heard a while ago.
    From the second story from this podcast, beginning at 22:40. They go through how modern changes in gut bacteria, specifically how people have stopped being infected by the hookworm, may have played a part in the rise of autoimmune diseases. I haven’t listened to it in a bit, but I believe the main idea as to why that would be is that the human body adapted to be infected with parasites all the time, and the immune system is much more powerful than it needs to be because of that.
    Anyway, that’s all I got, good luck.

  4. Thank you for telling your story. I’m curious on your blood type. I’d like to try the carnivore diet but being an A I don’t think i have the enzymes for it. According to the blood type diet if you are an O your results would align with your diet change but if you were an A the ideas would conflict.

    1. That’s a good thing to think about. I’m type A as well but I instinctually eat a lot of red meat and it doesn’t seem to trigger me.

  5. Hey, I just finished watching you on joe Rogan and immediately I said to my husband with tears in my eyes.. I want to meet this woman… when you described yourself before the carnivore diet, I feel like you were describing me!! The similarities are incredible. I am now 28 but feel like an 80 year old.. the thought of changing my diet so drastically is incredibly scary and I don’t know if personally I have the strength to do that… I envy you you in more ways then you know… I’ve learned so much about you and your father is a well known celebrity in our household.

    If you do take the time to read this I will be incredibly grateful

    Thank you

    1. Hey! You can always take it slow. Cut out the grains and sugar and dairy, you don’t have to do it all at once but it’s worth looking into incredibly seriously. Life like that is horrible.

  6. How long did it take when you started the carnivore diet to notice that your allergies are gone?

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