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The Lion Diet without the guesswork.

The Heal & Build Coaching™ is a new, personalized approach to the Lion Diet. Our coaches walk you through each phase of the elimination diet to help you identify food intolerances, reduce symptoms, and take control of your health.
Heal & Build Coaching - The Lion Diet
Behnaz, age 23
5 months resolved severe eczema, stomach ulcer symptoms, and more.
Heal & Build Coaching - The Lion Diet
Liam, age 21
5 weeks resolved severe psoriasis.
Heal & Build Coaching - The Lion Diet
Liam, age 21
2 months resolved ulcerative colitis, anxiety, stress, and more.
Heal & Build Coaching - The Lion Diet
Katarina, age 22
2 months resolved cystic acne, bloating, and more.

How It Works

Our healthcare system is broken.

It’s unequipped to treat chronic diseases and rarely even considers nutritionally-based treatment strategies. Instead, patients are shoved through the pharmacy doors to swallow pills that trigger side effects and fail to treat the root cause.

This leaves you frustrated, confused, and (often) still sick. You shouldn’t have to live this way.

The Heal & Build Coaching™ program is a holistic, individualized approach to treating a wide variety of illnesses with our Lion Diet elimination protocol. It’s the ultimate way to heal while identifying the factors that are making (and keeping) you sick.

This professional one-on-one coaching program will improve your health and give you insights into your unique body and what’s causing your symptoms.

Heal & Build Coaching™ could be a game-changer for you if you’re fed up with persistent health conditions like:

  • Acne, rashes, psoriasis, or other skin conditions
  • Bloating, constipation, IBS, or other GI conditions
  • Food sensitivities that you can’t quite nail down
  • Chronic pain, fatigue, or low energy levels
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood and mental health conditions
Step One
Meet Your Coach

The first step is to get onboarded with your Heal & Build™ coach. Together, you’ll discuss your symptoms and your goals, and your coach will develop your initial plan.

While every body is unique, we’ve seen best results with participants who dedicate a minimum of four months to this elimination diet. So we have structured our coaching program to last a minimum of four months.

Depending on the symptoms they’re struggling with, some people may need longer than four months to see significant improvements. We can accommodate that.

Step Two
Ease into your new lifestyle

Starting the Lion Diet can be challenging. To go from your standard diet to an elimination diet can be a huge adjustment for your mind, body, and gut.

Your coach will help you ease into the new lifestyle, answer your questions, and arm you with tricks and tips, so you stick with it and start seeing results. 

Based on your body’s response, your coach might alter or extend this phase to make sure your body is responding exactly as it should before progressing onto the next phase.

Step Three
Start to experience healing

After giving your body time to adjust to the Lion Diet, you should start seeing your symptoms lessen.

This is the most amazing part of the process: watching your body finally start to heal because it’s not constantly combatting inflammatory foods, allergens, or toxins.

You’ll be amazed at the way your body starts to aggressively pursue healing now that there’s nothing in its way. The Lion Diet is truly the best elimination diet.

Step Four
Transition to your new normal

Just like when you transitioned into the Lion Diet, transitioning out can be challenging. Your coach will help create an intentional phase-out strategy, so you reintroduce foods in the optimal order for keeping your symptoms in remission.

Building off of what you’ve learned about your unique body and symptoms, your coach will create your own Tactical Health Defense Report™, a robust plan for your new normal. This tailored plan is designed to give you long-term vibrant health and keep your symptoms in remission long after the program is finished.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Enroll in Heal & Build Coaching™ and start identifying food intolerances and finally take control of your health.


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What you’ll get:

  • 4 months of Lion Diet’s Heal & Build Coaching™
  • An assigned coach who can communicate with you regularly via video call or messaging.
  • Access to our exclusive coaching platform app, where you can access resources, send messages, log your progress, and more.
  • Personalized and responsive protocols for each phase of the program.
  • A personalized Tactical Health Defense Report™*: a robust, tailored plan designed to give you long-term vibrant health and keep your symptoms in remission long after the Lion Diet.

*The report is given at the completion of the program. Some individuals may not complete the program in 4 months based on their unique health circumstances. In which case, additional coaching would be available.


This one-time fee reserves your spot for four months of coaching.

15 total spots available in this cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering

Time and time again, we’ve seen people struggle to do the Lion Diet on their own. Most people have never done an elimination diet, especially one this restrictive. It’s easy to underestimate just how challenging they can be.

The beginning phase (when the list of foods you can eat grows smaller and smaller) can be overwhelming, as can the final phase, when you’re trying to figure out how to reintroduce foods and navigate your new normal.

This is where our coaches come in. They’ll tailor the Lion Diet protocol just for you and walk with you every step of the way. They’ll continue to evaluate your progress and how your body responds to each phase. And you’ll walk away armed with a host of knowledge about your own body and how to eat to nourish it. 

Not to mention you’ll feel better than you have in a really long time. 

No, in most cases the Lion Diet is NOT a long-term dietary strategy. It’s most commonly a short-term tool you can use to help alleviate symptoms and provide healing. 

The goal of this coaching program is to help you use the Lion Diet to heal and gain new insights into how your unique body operates best. When your coaching has concluded, you’ll be able to follow the instructions included in the Tactical Health Defense Report™ your coach provides to keep your symptoms in remission and live a normal, vibrant life.

Some people with health conditions impacted by genetic or environmental factors may find that the Lion Diet is a viable long-term strategy for them while they address their underlying causes. This was the case for our founder, Mikhaila. You can read more about her story here.

For some people, the Lion Diet will not only put symptoms into remission but actually address and fix the underlying root cause of their health ailments.

For individuals with health issues rooted in genetic or environmental factors, the Lion Diet can reduce symptoms or put them into remission while they address underlying causes.

Every body is unique, but we’re confident that you’ll lose weight if you have excess fat. If you’re severely underweight, you may see an increase in lean mass because on this protocol you’ll be eating more protein.

There are different variations of the Carnivore Diet, but it usually includes any food that comes from an animal. This can include meat, seafood, poultry, dairy, and eggs. It also often includes spices, coffee, and tea. This makes Carnivore a more long-term dietary strategy.

The Lion Diet, on the other hand, is an elimination diet which is a short-term dietary strategy. And it includes only ruminant red meat (like beef, lamb, elk, bison, and venison), salt, and water. 

Just once! Your one-time payment of $1,989 secures your spot for four months of personalized coaching. If your individual situation requires additional coaching, we will have a month to month option available after your initial four months.

The Tactical Health Defense Report™ is what we are building in the Build phase of the coaching.

As you reintroduce foods into your diet in step four, we’ll start to learn what types of foods are negatively affecting you. The report will take those learnings and create a plan that tells you:

  • Which foods seem to trigger you
  • Other foods that might also affect you
  • The science behind why these foods are negatively affecting you
  • And whether you should limit or fully avoid these foods

In short, the Tactical Health Defense Report™ will become the blueprint for your personalized long-term diet following the conclusion of the program. 

What are you waiting for?

Enroll in Heal & Build Coaching™ and start identifying food intolerances and finally take control of your health.

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