Jessica, 39

Age: 39

Height: 5’7″

Diet: “90% lion, 5% carnivore (it turns out ANY amount of dairy causes inflammation and though I used to love seafood – since doing carnivore, causes an involuntary gag response). The other 5% has been experimenting with foods to determine what is inflammatory. We actually thought we were doing ‘carnivore’ the whole time and after more digging, found we’ve been doing the lion diet this whole time

Exercise: “4 days a week, strength training. Minimal cardio, rarely zone 2 cardio. Sauna 4 days a week. I didn’t get into the gym until week 5 and almost 15 pounds down. I’ve never been a ‘gym girl and certainly not a 5am gym person until lion. Now I can’t live without it.”

Time on diet: 104 days, since 02/25/2023

Health problems resolved:

-MDD (major depressive disorder)




-Chronic heartburn

-Postmenopausal depression and libido

-Chronic anxiety and panic disorder

-Bipolar disorder


-Thinning hair


-Skin tags


-Tardive dyskinesia is greatly improved

-Healthier gums