Karolina, 27

Age: 27

Height: 175cm (5’9)

Diet: strict Lion Diet

Exercise: light

Time on Lion Diet: 2-3 years

“My recovery has not been a straight line. The diet was crucial at each stage.

🥩 October 2020: started the lion diet, transferred to ketovore.
🍀 Health problems resolved:
– Chronic migraines
– Painful periods
– High blood pressure
– Heart palpitations gone
– Depression gone
– Fatigue gone
– Anaemia gone
– Much more energy

🥩 April 2021: transitioned to the lion diet

💊 August 2021: CGRP monoclonal antibodies injection (Ajovy):
😢 2021/22 Repercussions:
– Disability
– Almost complete inability to tolerate light
– 1 year in bed blindfolded, walking around with a cane
– Visual disturbances
The main hypothesis is Susac Syndrome.
❗️After 1 year of suffering had an MRI – no degenerative changes in my brain❗️
🍀 Most problems have been resolved – I’ve stuck to the lion diet.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Currently: Diagnosed with CIRS, following the Shoemaker protocol, managing CIRS and comorbidities.

🦁🍀 On the journey into full recovery!”