Shad, 26

Age: 26

Prev. Weight: 185lbs to 133lbs

Diet: Lion diet for 8 months and now carnivore for 4 months, 18 hour daily fasts.

Exercise: Gym for 6 months now!

Health Problems Resolved:
– Brain fog
– Panic attack
– Depression
– Muscle pain
– Food intolerance
– Seasonal allergies
– Sensitivity to light
– Autoimmune disease
– Libido

Additional comments:
Before starting this diet I was completely lost… the doctors told me that they didn’t know what I had and that it was probably in my head! So I started doing some research and came across videos of Dr. Ken Berry. I had never said a single word in English in my entire life so I had to translate every word he said. My family and doctors told me I couldn’t do this and I could die. but after 3 weeks of the Lion Diet I knew I was doing the right thing! When I wanted to give up I remembered why I started!