Can I drink alcohol?

I didn’t drink alcohol for the first 8 months because I was trying to rule out all possible triggers for my autoimmune and mood disorder. I now know I do not react to vodka or bourbon or silver tequila (other than the obvious hangover and potential GABA crash which can impact mood). Any type of spirit that has no ingredients added after distillation shouldn’t trigger autoimmunity or mood symptoms. Vodka generally has nothing added after distillation unless you’re in Russia or somewhere where they add flavours or herbs after. Bourbon is only distilled and then aged. Gin has botanicals added, gold tequila and scotch has caramel flavouring/colouring. Vodka and bourbon are generally safe. Excellent if drank with sparkling water. Obviously alcohol is not a health food so be smart.

Warning: hangovers with no carbs are significantly worse than with carbs. Dihydromyricetin can massively help. Along with electrolytes and water.