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Can I Take Painkillers Or Medications?

I’m not a doctor. If you’re on medications, do plenty of research, talk to your doctor. Some medication you can’t stop taking suddenly without suffering greatly.

If you’re in pain and you have just started the diet, keep taking your medications. I (Mikhaila Peterson) only stopped mine when I felt better and even then I came off SSRIs way too fast and it screwed me up for years. The rare individual will react to their meds and it will stop them from getting better. Psych meds can do this – they can stop you from feeling positive emotions you should feel naturally and can dull your emotional range. If you stay on those it’ll stop you from getting better. However, you can’t stop them quickly. With pain medication, I generally suggest continuing until you feel like you don’t need them. However, if you have been on the diet for a few months, don’t have something physical like a joint deformity that’s causing the pain, and you’re still not feeling great, I wouldn’t rule out the pills contributing to the problem.

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