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Do You Have Any ‘Go To’ Snacks?

Jerky! Sliced round roast from the butcher. Make sure it’s sliced really thin, cover it in way more salt than you think you need, and then dehydrate it (air fryers sometimes also have that option) and then you have some delicious jerky!

Crunchy beef shreds are also great and simple. Pressure cook some cheap meat cuts with water to make some shredded beef, then shred it, air fry that in beef fat (tallow), and voilà, crunchy beef shreds.

If you want to give yourself something as a ‘sweet treat’ to help curb your cravings in the short term, and you don’t have an autoimmune disorder you’re trying to get under control initially – get some electrolytes flavored with stevia, it’s like a healthy pop drink. I used to react to flavorings though so I wouldn’t recommend everyone to make this a regular thing if you’re sickly like me. However, now I can drink these with no problem.

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