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Food Introduction For Babies

Watch how your baby seems to be feeling (monitor their digestion, rashes, crankiness, screaming, colic, etc.) after giving them certain foods. Monitor them for that day and the next few, sometimes rashes are delayed. I found my daughter, Scarlett, digested sweet potato terribly yet had no problems at all with animal fat, likely due to breast milk being primarily made up of fat so introducing meat fat was her first food. When she was 13 months old, we slowly started giving her little bits of plant foods like cooked carrots and parsnip, while carefully monitoring any reaction to either her digestion, mood, or skin. We don’t give Scarlett any dairy, gluten, legumes, or sugar but obviously, it’s up to you what’s best for your child. Although gluten is a bad idea regardless of what you think. She loves eating fruit as treats but her main food is meat. She has no signs of any problems and she’s almost 4. She’s at 50th percentile height and weight and super happy, super bright, and super calm. Starting with meat is the right thing to do after breast milk.

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