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Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed

There are some extremely sensitive people that do better with grass-fed beef but for the majority of people (including me (Mikhaila) who is very sensitive), grain-fed beef is fine. Buy the highest quality meat you can afford. I’ve seen people heal themselves on a diet of pure patties from McDonald’s! Eat the best you can afford but don’t sweat quality if you can’t afford it.
Eat the best you can afford, and when you can afford the best – you can also try to eat beef from regenerative farms. I healed by eating grain-fed beef I could afford and did just fine. Try to avoid feed-lot beef but if you can’t afford anything else – it’s better than not trying the diet. You can worry about quality once you’ve healed  (and don’t let any snobs tell you otherwise). (Also McDonald’s patties add pepper – but you can go to In-N-Out Burger and ask for unsalted and those are plain—their salt has pepper in it).

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