How Can I Make My Own Electrolytes?

  • 2 tsp sodium chloride or Himalayan salt
  • 1 tsp potassium chloride (potassium citrate is okay)
  • ¼ tsp magnesium chloride or magnesium glycinate
  • 1L of water or more

I drink about double that in a day if my electrolytes are low but this could be too much for some people. If you mix it and it tastes too salty to you, dilute it. You have to play around with it a bit! If you’re feeling fine, don’t add in electrolytes. But if you have muscle cramps, brain fog, fatigue, or feel heavy, try having more. You can buy those pure ingredients on Amazon.

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    1. I’ve heard you mention your own brand of electrolytes on your podcast. What is the brand name and are they available for purchase now?

  1. HI, I’ve been working out pretty hard, will the lion diet have any effect on it or will the creatine iv been taking change anything? iv also been taking fish oil, vitamin E and D.

  2. My ND muscle tests foods, the body etc. NUUN electrolyte is pretty good. I almost follow their formula. 5 g of Celtic salt , Himalayan is good too. 5g of Magnesium and 30 g of Potassium. I toss it in a baggie and add a teaspoon to 12 oz of water. Works to lower the stestolic blood pressure for most of us. I take 2 doses/day. stay Happy & Healthy !

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