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How Long Does It Take Until Depression And Anxiety Begin To Subside?

It depends. If you haven’t taken medication it should subside within the first 6 weeks of the Lion Diet. Sometimes within the first few weeks. If you’ve taken medications for it (e.g. SSRIs), it might take a bit longer. It’s hard to say with the other less restrictive diets – sometimes people feel massively better cutting gluten and dairy, but sometimes their depression doesn’t change by doing that. My (Mikhaila Peterson’s) depression began lifting on a very low-carb diet (meat and greens). After I stopped taking SSRIs (I’d taken them for 11 years) I had SSRI withdrawal and was sensitive and depressed with any carbs. The only thing that lessened the neurological damage and withdrawal I was having from SSRIs was the Lion Diet. After 2 weeks on the Lion Diet, I stopped crying in the morning. After 6 weeks, my depression lifted. It took about 5 months for the anxiety to lift. With serious withdrawal/damage this can take a few years. My SSRI withdrawal lifted after 2.5 years (but after 5 months on the diet). Do not suddenly stop psych meds. Many people are able to very slowly wean off the medication while on the diet with minimal symptoms.

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