How Long Does It Take Until Joint Pain Begins To Subside?

With the Lion Diet, it depends. If your joint pain is caused by active inflammation then maybe about a month, maybe less. If you do the diet for 3 months and don’t feel any less pain, it’s possible it is joint damage. Perhaps your cartilage is damaged as opposed to just inflammation. If this is the case, you can go a few ways. People have success with PRP injections, and sometimes strengthening exercises can help. If you’re in pain and you don’t seem to have active inflammation in other parts of your body, that joint might be inflamed from the actual damage. I was lucky enough that all my joints got better, and I had arthritis everywhere except my spine, even my jaw. My wrist was the worst and it’s asymptomatic now. However, my ankle and hip were too damaged and were replaced. I believe I would’ve saved my ankle if I had known about this diet and leaky gut before surgery. If you’ve exhausted all your options including diet, sometimes surgery is the best option and can save you a lot of pain and suffering. If someone is treating your joint pain with some diet and they tell you it takes 2 years to maybe have an impact, there’s something wrong with the diet. Relief should come sooner.

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