I Have Bloating/Diarrhea, What Do I Do?

If you have loose stool or constant bloating for more than the first month on the diet, make sure to try unaged beef to see if that’s easier on your digestion. Often times diarrhea and bloating are the result of histamine intolerance. Histamines accompany aged meat. 99% of the meat you buy will be aged to some degree unless you put in a special order from your butcher or buy from the few ranches that offer unaged meat. Linked below is more information on the subject. And if you are looking to buy unaged meat, visit the sites linked in the FAQ at the top of the page titled “Unaged or Aged Beef?”


Are You Raising Your Histamine Levels With These Meat Handling Mistakes? – What to know if you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

What is Low Histamine Beef?

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