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I Have No Appetite for Meat? What Should I Do?

The first thing you should address is the cooking of your meat. If you undercook or overcook the meat it will be harder to digest. Most people do not know how to properly cook meat even after doing all throughout their lives. Here is the Ultimate Steak Cooking Hack:

  1. Take the meat out of the fridge about an hour before to let it come down to room temperature (the cooking is more even throughout the meat)
  2.  Put the meat on the grill
  3.  Wait for the juices to rise through the meat
  4.  When juices begin puddling on top, flip the meat over
  5.  And then when the juices puddle for the second time on the other side, take the meat off the grill

RESULT: A perfectly cooked medium to medium rare steak, every time. Enjoy!

Next you’re going to want to focus on the quality of the meat. You want to buy the meat you can afford, but there is a significant difference between the taste of grain-fed grocery store beef and grass-fed grass-finished locally raised beef. Remember the healthier the animal, the healthier the food will be for you (tastier too). Get the highest quality beef you can afford. Also, pay attention to histamines. If you’re eating aged meat, it can be hard on your system and digestion will stall, resulting in a loss of appetite.

Try different preparation methods too. Here’s all the ways you can prepare meat: Grill, air-fry. broil, pressure cook, roast, boil, pan fry, dehydrate, sous vide, etc. And try different cuts of beef too; eat ground beef, all the various steaks and roasts, ribs, and even purees. (and you can also do bone marrow, organs, etc.).

Do some fasting. There’s no better sauce than hunger. It may be the case that you’re eating too often and foods aren’t digesting quite like they should, which is often if you’re trying to heal a damaged gut. If your foods aren’t digesting well you’ll constantly have partially digested foods in your digestive system because you are eating too often. This can result in loss of appetite.

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