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I Want to Go Out to a Restaurant, What Should I Do?

Your best option is going to a steakhouse. It is more pricey, but you’re not going to have an autoimmune flareup after you eat so… choices are limited. You have to be clear about what you want when you order. Don’t stress/worry about it, just own it. Specify that all you want is the meat, as you have allergies. “I’ll have the bone-in ribeye.  No butter, no oil, no seasonings, no sides, no garnish, nothing. I would like meat and salt on a plate. Thanks! It’s because of allergies.” Add salt yourself once it has arrived. It’s less confusing when you just tell them to make it bare. Make it CLEAR. If you don’t mention what I said, the likelihood of them tossing some dried parsley or pepper on there is 100%. Worst case scenario you get a steak cooked in soybean oil. So be clear. Usually, places can make steaks completely bare, and usually, you can get lamb racks – although sometimes those are marinated so be sure to ask. People who are less sensitive and are eating plants and some spices have less to worry about. Wild salmon can also be made with nothing on it usually. Make sure to ask whether or not it’s wild. Traveling Europe is much easier for steak and meat than for North America.

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