If You Are Not Feeling Well and You’re a Week or Two Into the Diet and You’re Having Serious Reactions to Going Low Carb

  1. This is very rare but does happen with extremely sick people
  2. You may need to wean down to meat and green or even meat and honey and do that for a month or two before you get to the Lion Diet. I didn’t jump all in at one time because I didn’t know the diet was an option. I went low carb for a year, then meat and greens for a year, then to the Lion Diet – the transition for me was still rough but not that rough and that was two years of weaning carbs. I would NOT have done this if I had known the Lion Diet was an option because those two years sucked. Sometimes people need to wean off carbs instead to avoid plummeting sodium or experiencing other symptoms. The vast majority of people can just fight through the symptoms and end up on the other side. If you need to wean off carbs I would suggest going grain-free and eating whole foods for a month. Then going dairy-free as well and prioritizing meat at every meal. After 3 months, switch over to the Lion Diet if reducing carbs didn’t help your symptoms enough.

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