I’m Breastfeeding And I’m Worried About My Baby’s Health And My Own, What Should I Do?

All I can say is I did strict Lion Diet 4 months into breastfeeding and my baby’s cradle cap went away and she stopped getting stomach aches. There have been people who have done this diet pregnant and breastfeeding and in my opinion, it’s safer than a high sugar high carb diet. Hello, diabetes. So this is what I suggest. Ignore everyone who says ‘you need certain foods to make you healthy’ if those foods are making you sick. Do whatever diet makes you feel the healthiest. If that’s all meat – keep at it. If that’s paleo or keto, keep at it. Trust your gut, not the people around you. If you’re getting morning sickness (Morning Sickness Cure) – start looking at what you’re eating carefully because it’s probably caused by what you’re eating. Your doctor probably isn’t going to be happy with an all-meat diet but if you’re happy, I’m happy.


Ken Berry, MD on Pregnancy and the Carnivore Diet

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