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I’ve Started The Lion Diet, Do You Have Any Immediate Advice?

Get the food you don’t want to eat out of your house. Cravings can and will get bad. You don’t realize how addicted to sugar you are until you truly get off of it. If you start having dreams about cake and sugar (which can happen), you know how much your body is addicted to them. This can happen when the bacteria in your gut that feeds off sugar begins to die off and they send strong ‘feed me’ signals.

With regards to cravings, there is a different feeling when craving sugar compared to craving meat for instance. One is more of an addiction while the other is more of what your body desires to feel healthy. A yearning. It will end up being pretty instinctive what the difference is over time.

If eating a lot of fat at the start is making you feel sick, start off with leaner cuts of meat and ease your way into fattier cuts. It stops your body from suddenly being overwhelmed with the amount of fat you’re consuming. If you’re still feeling bad, change how much potassium you’re getting in, and sodium, and switch to lamb. Some people feel much better with more fat, and some with less. Play around with it. I needed more fat initially, possibly for neurological healing, and now I eat much less fat.


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  1. I have a teenager and my older kids in the house who will not be doing this diet with me so the food is still there. Do you have tips on what to do if you gave into cravings or how to keep from giving in while the food is still in the house and it’s being eaten by others around you?

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