Losing Weight vs. Gaining Weight?

Generally speaking, people lose weight on this diet. Especially if they’re seriously overweight. If you have hit a plateau and aren’t losing any more weight, and you aren’t on the Lion Diet, I highly recommend getting rid of dairy and eggs (and obviously grains and processed food if you haven’t done that). If you are eating ridiculous amounts of meat, try to be more reasonable. Calories do matter, you don’t really need to track them, just keep it in mind if you’re gaining weight.

If you want to lose weight fast – look up the Snake Diet (www.snakediet.com). Prolonged fasting can help with weight loss. I’ve done a lot of it. 12 days just salt water, 7 days, 5 days. It’s interesting but it’s hard on the body. I find 72 hours is the sweet spot for rapid weight loss, but make sure you build up to that carefully. Jumping in can really make you feel sick initially. I don’t recommend doing fasts in the first couple of months while your body is adapting, especially if you’re quite injured from being ill. Some people with autoimmune problems need to gain weight and heal before they should concern themselves with being thin. It’ll happen naturally as you heal.

To gain weight, I recommend eating more than you need and eating more frequently, to prevent intermittent fasting which can happen quite naturally on this diet. Most people naturally eat twice a day unless they force themselves to eat more. You can build muscle on this diet – many people do without working out just because they’ve optimized their protein intake. If you’re seriously underweight, you may still lose water weight at the beginning but then you’ll gain weight. This diet allows you to go to whatever weight is natural. Quite often people feel too skinny on the diet and sometimes weight will dip 2-3 lbs below what’s comfortable and that will be gained back over the next month or two.

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