The Diet Isn’t Working. Why?

  1. Are you only ingesting ruminant meat, salt, and water? If not, you have to get to that for 6 weeks to accurately judge. That means no coffee too. No medication.
  2. Make sure you’ve been on the diet for at least 6 weeks. If you have a mood disorder and you have been on medication and are newly off them, or withdrawing, extend that timeframe for up to 2 years. It should NOT take that long to recover from drugs, but it can. Usually, people on medications feel better around the 6-week mark and then again at the 5-month range. Many people are able to slowly wean off the medication while on the diet with minimal symptoms.
  3. If your symptoms are mainly in your gut, and you can’t seem to digest beef properly – it could be a histamine intolerance or an aged beef fat issue. Aged cuts can be difficult to digest for people. Switch to lamb for a few days and monitor your digestion. If that works then eat lean cuts of beef, dried beef, and lamb, all un-aged. Veal can be easier on the gut too. Avoid bone broths or anything slow-cooked. Ideally, buy un-aged meat, freeze it, and cook it right after you thaw it. Or better yet, put it straight into an air-fryer (Ninja Air Fryer) frozen and cook it that way.
  4. If you still have symptoms check on your sleep. An Oura ring can help. If you’re not sleeping properly this can raise levels of inflammation and seriously impact mood and energy.
  5. If you’ve checked all the above, make sure you’re not incredibly stressed out about something. Don’t underestimate stress. Do you have a sick family member? Is your relationship a problem? Are you worried about your job? Identify those problems and work on them. They could easily be impacting your health.
  6. If #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 are not the problem, then you could have an active infection or something promoting inflammation in your body that is not diet related. Mold, contaminated water, a viral or bacterial infection, lead or other toxic compounds, etc.

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