What About Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are best avoided. A lot of the chronic health problems we are experiencing are probably from generational antibiotic use. However sometimes you get an infection and need them (and thank goodness they’re here for those circumstances). Doxycycline seems to be the best tolerated antibiotic with the fewest side effects. If it comes in a blue capsule, buy gelatin capsules and pour the powder into new gelatin capsules to take it. Avoid swallowing blue dye (it can cause allergies and immune responses). Cephalexin seems to be well tolerated and amoxicillin. Azithromycin seems to be harder on the gut. Macrobid can cause allergic reactions more commonly, and flagyl/metronidazole can cause allergic reactions and lasting damage. Avoid fluoroquinolones at all costs. Fluoroquinolones have different names but any antibiotic with “flox” in it (like ciprofloxacin) is a fluoroquinolone. Those seem to cause lasting damage in people. Don’t take those no matter what. You are more than welcome to ask your doctor for different classes of antibiotics when they’re prescribed.

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