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What About Meat Type/Quality?

I don’t do well with pork. My response to that is even worse than some plant foods. If you’re eating a lot of pork and don’t feel good, try reducing or ideally eliminating it. Ruminant meat (cows, sheep, even moose, elk) is drastically different than pig meat. Be careful of organically farmed salmon. It sounds healthy but it’s not. They can and are still commonly fed organic soy which is not a natural diet for salmon (who are carnivorous fish). Farmed salmon makes me ill but wild salmon does not. Try to go for wild-caught fish and fish like mackerel with less heavy metal buildup (the bigger fish like tuna that eat smaller fish will have more toxins built up in their flesh – that’s why they tell you to limit tuna while pregnant). Don’t force feed yourself anything if it makes you feel sick though. Although make that decision after the first month because as I wrote above, nausea can be normal for the first few weeks. After that, your body will help guide you to what you need to eat.

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