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What Are The Main Problematic Foods?

  1. Gluten – You know those stereotypical Californian girls who don’t eat gluten “because it makes you fat” but they don’t exactly know what it is? They had a point. Gluten is composed of two proteins; gliadin and glutenin. Gliadin is really not good for people. Yes, all people. Not just people either, mammals. The gluten molecule can be found in wheat, rye, barley, kamut, spelt, and those foods are everywhere. Twizzlers, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, any thick sauce or soup, and some chocolate bars all contain gluten. Plus all your favourite foods are made with flour (wheat) – cake, pancakes, pizza, spaghetti, etc. Sorry, it’s really gotta go. There is hard evidence it causes leaky gut in everyone. If you get an afternoon or mid-morning crash – it’s probably the gluten.
  2. Dairy – Cow milk is for baby cows. Sounds like a vegan slogan but it’s probably true. The dairy industry has everyone convinced that you need milk to have healthy bones. This is a blatant lie. The highest rates of osteoporosis are in countries that drink milk. Yes, unfortunately, this includes cheese. If you are completely opposed to giving up cheese, switch to goat cheese.
  3. Soy – Soy is everywhere. For people who have joint problems or mood problems, soy isn’t a good idea. For men, soy really isn’t a good idea.

Eliminating these three foods might make a massive difference. Don’t just cut back though, get rid of them. That includes beer. If you really want to lose weight fast, also cut down on processed foods and other grains. Eat whole foods (but avoid grains). Basically eat meat, green vegetables, root vegetables, and berries. Don’t eat candy, eat less sugar (or no sugar), and don’t drink anything except water – you can drink carbonated water instead of pop.

If you cut those three foods out and want to cut out more, get rid of these next:

  1. Grains – Filler food. They make you gain weight, and they make you tired. Rice, quinoa, oats, etc. They’re empty. They’re not like gluten-containing grains but they’re not good for you. You want meat, veggies, and fats to be healthy.
  2. Other legumes – Kidney beans, black beans, etc. – anything that makes you bloat you should avoid. Your body doesn’t like it, and it’s important to listen to it. Green beans don’t seem to be in the same category of gut damage as the bigger beans. Listen to your body and pay attention to your bloating.
  3. Sugar – Our microbiome is really important and the bacteria in our gut compete with a yeast called Candida. Sugar feeds Candida. If you suffer from yeast infections that is a sure sign you have an overgrowth of Candida. Fruit, sugar, and even plants (if you have it really badly) can feed Candida. Meat does not.

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