What Diet Should I Do If I Have A Neurodegenerative Disease?

Lion Diet. When you’re dealing with something serious, you have to be more strict. I have only seen the diet not work for a handful of people. One of them had fairly advanced Alzheimer’s, one was getting off of benzodiazepines and needed to wait for the neurological recovery to pass (horribly painful), and a few had active infections. Obviously it’s going to depend on the neurodegenerative disease you have, but I’ve seen dramatic improvements in Parkinsons and definitely MS. I think it’s worth a try in whatever stage of disease you have. Terry Walls MD reversed her MS and she was in a wheelchair. She didn’t even have to go to all ruminant meat to achieve it. It is the case that some people are too far gone though (like some joints are too damaged, or some intestines are too damaged and require surgery), but don’t even let that enter your head. Assume diet will help and try that before getting all doom-y.

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