Vitamin Results 2023 (5 years on the Lion Diet)

By Mikhaila

Here are Jordan Peterson’s micronutrients results after 5 years of only eating meat with no organs or supplements. Crazy huh? Extremely good.

This diet is sustainable long-term, although ideally if you address the root cause which is resulting in the sensitivities, you can reintroduce foods. We’re very seriously looking into mold/biotoxins from our environments as the cause of our sensitivities. We’ll see but it seems very probable.You do not need to supplement an all-meat diet with organs or supplements to keep up vitamins. I know I’m sensitive to organ supplements so I don’t use them.

If you are deficient – vitamin IV’s don’t cause me any issues at all and are a good idea if you’re deficient. Some fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D can also be injected. That’s perfectly fine. Supplements seem to cause more issues than IV’s for sensitive people.

Be wary of glutathione, most clinics will suggest a glutathione add-on for IV’s. Glutathione can cause an increase in gliotoxin (a mycotoxin released by Aspergillus mold). So if there’s any chance you’ve been exposed to mold, avoid glutathione, and stick with just the vitamin IVs.

If you cannot get your vitamins to stabilize regardless of diet, look at your environment, not just diet.

Here are my results after about a year of being exposed to mold:

My vitamins were fine before this. I eat the same thing as my dad. Crazy eh?

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  1. Don´t know much regarding the other deficiencies, however, in case of Vitamin K2 (deficiency) I would consider to supplement. Lots of important informations to be found in this video …

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