Vitamin Results 2023 (5 years on the Lion Diet)

By Mikhaila

Here are Jordan Peterson’s micronutrients results after 5 years of only eating meat with no organs or supplements. Crazy huh? Extremely good.

This diet is sustainable long-term, although ideally if you address the root cause which is resulting in the sensitivities, you can reintroduce foods. We’re very seriously looking into mold/biotoxins from our environments as the cause of our sensitivities. We’ll see but it seems very probable.You do not need to supplement an all-meat diet with organs or supplements to keep up vitamins. I know I’m sensitive to organ supplements so I don’t use them.

If you are deficient – vitamin IV’s don’t cause me any issues at all and are a good idea if you’re deficient. Some fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D can also be injected. That’s perfectly fine. Supplements seem to cause more issues than IV’s for sensitive people.

Be wary of glutathione, most clinics will suggest a glutathione add-on for IV’s. Glutathione can cause an increase in gliotoxin (a mycotoxin released by Aspergillus mold). So if there’s any chance you’ve been exposed to mold, avoid glutathione, and stick with just the vitamin IVs.

If you cannot get your vitamins to stabilize regardless of diet, look at your environment, not just diet.

Here are my results after about a year of being exposed to mold:

My vitamins were fine before this. I eat the same thing as my dad. Crazy eh?

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  1. Don´t know much regarding the other deficiencies, however, in case of Vitamin K2 (deficiency) I would consider to supplement. Lots of important informations to be found in this video …

    Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin K2

  2. Re: “I know I’m sensitive to organ supplements so I don’t use them.”
    What about eating organs? This would likely improve your deficiencies. Are organs okay on the lion diet or should sick ppl abstain, if so for how long?

    1. I favor the liver with braised onions, slowly. Made myself and 5 sibs super strong, brillant kids. California air had much to do, certainly.

  3. I have long Covid and am extremely fatigued and have serious brain fog. I also keep a steady fever coming and going. I have researched all the trials that are happening and don’t see any hope that this will ever go away. My wife has an auto immune disease and this diet has helped her a great deal. I started it yesterday and I am going to stick it out for a few weeks and see what happens. When you feel this bad, anything is doable. Oh, also, two day’s in and my constipation is flushing out. I have hope.

    1. Hi Jimmie-Your wife’s autoimmune disease may have improved because an animal-rich diet has more vitamin D. D is a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid hormone that helps the immune system identify what is “self” and what is “other” (so it attacks microbes & cancer cells only, NOT healthy cells). Vitamin D is used as therapy for autoimmunity (e.g. the Coimbra protocol, which I have no association with) and infectious disease alike. A meat-rich diet has more bio-available minerals, too, which act as important enzyme co-factors. Meat also has infinitely more B vitamins, which directly aid mitochondria in turning food into fuel. Thiamine (B1) is particularly important in carbohydrate processing as well as processing of alcohol, toxins & many medications (benfotiamine is a highly-absorbed form). Thiamine figures very prominently in anything NEURO or cardio-related as these cells contain the most mitochondria. All the B’s work in synergy, and they, as well as D, all require Magnesium as co-factor. Cheers!

  4. treat your symptoms as if it were chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. I have had CFS since 1996 – low carb diet is life changing. I am a CBT therapist, and have ran a low carb support group since 2015. The carb coma – or mitchondria in your cells struggle to optimise energy or make serotonin on standard american diet. Increasing energy will come from your diet.

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