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Can the Lion Diet Help With Environmental Allergies?

The jury is still out in regards to how exactly the carnivore/Lion Diet  is aiding people in reducing or eliminating their environmental allergies, but it likely has to do with the healing of the immune system. It appears that allergies are caused by an overreactive immune system and since the Lion Diet heals the gut (reason for overreactive immune system) things “calm down” for numerous people.

Many people report finally being able to breathe out both of their nostrils for the first time in their entire life!

What makes the most sense is to eat the foods that make you feel the best, because those foods will then be what is best for your own child as well. There are numerous tribal societies throughout human history that have lived on an all meat diet and had no problems having healthy children.

Ken Berry, MD on Pregnancy and the Carnivore Diet

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