Fanciest/tastiest cuts:

  • Ribeye steaks are the most tender and fattiest steak
  • Strip loin or New York Strips are leaner but still have a good amount of fat (my favorite)
  • Tenderloin is extremely lean and tender (not ideal for this diet but still very tasty)
  • Tomahawks are large ribeyes with a bone. Very tasty. 
  • Porterhouse is a strip loin with a tenderloin and a bone in the middle. Very tasty. 
  • Lamb chops and lamb ribs – fatty, generally less aged and very tasty 
  • Lamb loins – small lamb T-bone steaks. Tasty. 

Cheaper cuts steaks but still extremely good: 

  • Brisket – has a huge fat cap and is great in the oven or bbq 
  • Chuck roast – basically a cheaper ribeye-like roast. Very good
  • Picanha – kinda like brisket – tasty good for bbq-ing

Other cuts that can be made into Crispy Things that are cheap cuts of meat. Still very good. 

  • Round roast – lean – best for jerky or Crispy Things
  • Lamb shank – a lamb leg bone – best to pressure cook for Crispy Things 
  • Lamb leg roast – great for Crispy Things

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