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SSRI/PSYCH Med Warnings

If you take a low dose of a psych medication (other than a benzodiazepine) for a year or less, it doesn’t appear to cause significant withdrawal. However, if you take a psych med for 2+ years, especially at higher doses, getting off them can be extremely difficult and very scary. You can read more at rxisk.org about this. You can become sensitive to light, sound, touch, temperature, and seriously sensitive to inflammatory foods. The good news is that the Lion Diet will help this, and the neurological damage will go away with time. Once the psych med withdrawal is over you’ll be able to eat other foods without as severe depressive reactions from inflammatory foods. Doctors often do not talk about the dangers of staying on psych meds because they aren’t aware of the withdrawal and physical dependence that accompanies taking these medications. There are no studies on any psychiatric medication that has lasted more than 8 weeks. No long-term studies. Do not suddenly stop psych meds. Many people are able to very slowly wean off the medication while on the diet with minimal symptoms. There’s more information in this article.

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