Hopeful Mold Update 2024

By Mikhaila

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Okay so things are MUCH better health wise after literally a year of figuring this out. Healing is much faster than that but it took a while to really figure out how to do it and what was worth focusing on. Mom and dad are doing treatment and they’re feeling better too. Mold toxicity is actually not hard to get under control if you’re fortunate enough to have some extra funds, and actually do the key items.

Here’s what we did. The KEY items are, well, key:

  1. We got out of the house making us sick. Remediated it so the next people who bought it wouldn’t get sick. Currently selling it.
  2. We moved to AZ. There’s still mold here in most buildings but it’s not nearly as bad as Florida. Certain areas in the US are worse (TN is rough and Texas is rough and anywhere with high humidity).
  3. KEY – We started taking compounded cholestyramine for detox. 4g 3x a day for me given my weight, 4g 4x a day for Jordan given his weight. Mom and dad are on the same protocol. There is no other medication that’s as good as this. It’s prescription and you can get it easily for IBS. Zero side effects other than long term it can absorb fat soluble vitamins. It can cause some intensification of symptoms at the beginning while you’re detoxing so you can start slow but it works. I still take this when I travel.
  4. KEY – We had extensive mold testing done on our current house (that we’re going to give to my parents). Our next house we’re going to also test. I used WeInspect. Remember most mold testing companies don’t know what they’re doing. Check the FAQ for other companies that are trustworthy. WeInspect is pricey but good.
  5. KEY – We upgraded our HVAC’s. Also pricey but 100% worth it. I cannot stress this enough. It appears most air quality issues are due to mold in the ducts and HVAC’s, even more than in the walls. Even if you fix leaks and mold in your dry wall (almost all houses have some), upgrading your HVAC’s will change your world. I used HomeCleanse – again remember most remediation companies also don’t know what they’re doing. You need to find a company that is aware that mold can make you very ill. Suggestions in FAQ as well.
  6. KEY –  Diet – eliminate sugar and high sugar fruit, grains, etc. Everyone should be doing this anyway but for people who’ve been exposed to mold (so everyone) it’s really important to get rid of candida in your body as well. The Lion Diet does this very effectively but the carnivore diet is pretty good for it. Just judge based on symptoms how restrictive you need to get to starve out candida in your body.
  7. KEY – Air filters in every room – we use air oasis air filters. Remember not all air filters filter down to the right particle size. Code MP gets you 10% off I believe.
  8. KEY – CIRS treatment – basically avoiding exposure and remediating your home/work place, taking cholestyramine and taking VIP (vasoactive intestinal peptide to heal the blood brain barrier basically).
  9. We keep things very clean. Protocol in FAQ. Wash with specific detergents, keep dust in the home to zero. Get rid of extra stuff collecting dust.
  10. If I go into a building and I immediately get a drippy nose, urge to pee, yawn, and get irritable/foggy – I just leave. It’s not worth staying in whatever building has particularly bad air for any amount of time. Buildings obviously differ on how badly they’re impacted.
  11. While traveling I only book new hotels and I bring an air purifier.

Doing this made us feel better in a matter of months. Like shockingly fast for how bad we felt. I can travel again and when I get hit I get symptoms like my skin breaking out, brain fog, body pain, urge to pee, etc. but it doesn’t feel life ending anymore and the cholestyramine takes care of detoxing. This is a massive problem for America. Massive. Almost all buildings have air quality issues that seriously impact health and almost nobody is aware of it. It’s the new asbestos. But luckily you can fix it, healing is fast, and it doesn’t take long to feel better if you do the key items above. I’ll keep adding more reputable companies when I add them to the FAQ.

Good luck! Getting on top of this now will save you and your family a world of pain later in life.

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Hopeful Mold Update 2024

More info on biotoxin.com Okay so things are MUCH better health wise after literally a year of figuring this out. Healing is much faster than

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