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How to take medications safely – and avoid fillers.

By Mikhaila

GUYS!! (particularly the sick ones) I’m sorry this took me 3 years to realize but I finally figured out how to take meds without reacting to the fillers. I’m typing this out while getting my hair done so it’s going to be fast and to the point. I needed to share it though because this has been a HUGE problem for Dad and I, and I’m super excited I figured it out (even though I should have earlier.)

How do we, the people who react to every little stupid thing take pain killers? Anti-nauseants? Anti-histamines? Anything to help with the suffering that is life? Just kidding, my life isn’t suffering anymore – most of the time. But with a gross little child running around, I do get a cold every now and then. Have you ever been unmedicated through a hellish cold? It’s AWFUL. You can’t sleep, your entire body hurts. It’s not like eating gluten but it’s badddd. So we’ve just been suffering it out for the last 3 years instead of medicating because of what they add to pills. Flavours derived from soy, preservatives. Gross things. The only medication I’ve taken in the last 3 years was injectable morphine because I refused to swallow any opiates with fillers (imagine having me as a patient, lol), and antibiotics because my foot was going to fall off if I didn’t take them. I have a love-hate relationship with my foot but I didn’t want an infection killing me. SO. I’ll type this out because there are shockingly other desperate people out there.

You poor, poor souls.

Riddle me this: What do people give to babies when they can’t swallow pills?

suppository applicator.jpg

Suppository medication. Do you know what the ingredients are in suppositories? Vegetable oil for a lubricant, and the pure medication. No fillers. Guess who doesn’t react to even the vegetable oil as long as I don’t swallow it? THIS GIRL. Guess who doesn’t react to most things as long as they aren’t swallowed (more hints this is a small intestine problem). THIS GIRL. So there you guys go. To anyone who is as sensitive as me, don’t forget you can get suppository meds:

  • Acetaminophen at most pharmacies (fever and pain)

  • Gravol (Diphenhydramine – works for sleeping and nausea and as an antihistamine)

  • Ibuprofen (fever, pain, inflammation – you may have to order this online)

  • Really any pill can be used as a suppository – be aware the absorption rate is higher if you take medications this way!!!!

The other thing that’s worth looking into is compounding pharmacies. You can get a lot of medications pure or pure in water if you pay for them at a compounding pharmacy. Fluoxetine (an SSRI) can be made in pure water – please only consider these for short periods of time at low doses if you’re experiencing something like a death in the family and really can’t handle it. Long term SSRI use is almost impossible to get off of. My mom got hydromorphone made purely (this was difficult to find though, most compounding pharmacies said they couldn’t get the drug). I prefer to avoid swallowing anything that isn’t meat so suppositories it is. So yeah. It takes a desperate type of person to not take medication for years because of the fillers. I didn’t want to be this person, but you don’t choose your life. Once you hit this point of desperation for health, sticking medicine up your bum really ain’t no thang. Good luck out there folks. It’s a crazy world.

UPDATE – April 2020 – I can take pills with certain fillers without an immune response now that I’ve been on the lion diet for 2.5 years. My gut has seemed to heal. Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate are both fine. I’d recommend using gelatin capsules rather than cellulose but my tolerance is definitely going up. No need to suppository myself anymore – yay!

UPDATE: 2023 – I’ve launched a supplement company due to not being able to take any supplements because they all have multiple ingredients and fillers… fullerhealth.com Taking things by suppository or transdermally does seem to avoid a lot of reactions for sensitive people however. But I am able to take some pure supplements now, and I’m going to be making them through fuller health so I can third party test them and know exactly what’s going in them.

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