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6 Month Carnivore Update

By Mikhaila

I love this diet. I am never going back. 


Baby:  I’ve caved and gotten a nanny, and she’s starting in 2 weeks. I wanted to do the stay at home mom thing (which is what I’ve been doing for the last 10.5 months) but I can’t do it. There are too many things that I want to be able to do that I can’t do with a baby. Serious kudos to people  (like my own mom) who could do it. Taking care of a baby is a full-time job. And it’s incredibly rewarding but it’s hard when there are other things you’re missing out on. For me, that’s work, that’s the blog and writing. So a nanny it is, even though it makes me incredibly nervous. I realize how lucky I am to even have that option. We met someone who seems really bright and really kind and I think Scarlett will love her. She also speaks Russian so Scarlett can learn her dad’s language. We’ve only introduced meat and she’s still nursing a lot. I haven’t figured out what I want to do, but I’m thinking I may consider some vegetables and just see what she’s interested in. I haven’t decided yet.

Ankle: I need surgery. I don’t need to get it re-replaced (THANK GOD), but I do need surgery. After my ankle replacement my fibula was subluxed (slightly dislocated) and so I couldn’t bend my ankle well. Scar tissue grew in really quickly, and bone, and now there’s so much scar tissue that even though my wonderful physio fixed the dislocation, I can’t move my foot. The muscle on one side of my body is wasting away which is horrifying so I need to deal with this ASAP. That’ll be much easier with a nanny as well. Flying out to see a surgeon at the beginning of July, hopefully can do the surgery ASAP after that.

Jordan Peterson: Dad is thriving on the diet. He’s cut out salmon and is mostly eating beef but also some chicken. He told me salmon gives him back pain and makes his voice a bit shaky. Even after all the food weirdness, I’ve been through I had a hard time believing him. But I don’t eat it, and chicken makes me dizzy, so who the hell am I to judge? He has no depression, no anxiety, and no doom in the mornings. If you follow him on Twitter you might notice he’s not as volatile. Last week my mom texted me and said “Jordan woke up with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” in his head. If that isn’t a fantastic sign I don’t know what is. I’m going to get him to drop the chicken and I think his mood will improve even more. This all-meat diet is the bomb.

Mikhaila Peterson: I’ve been doing it for six months now and I swear it just gets better. I have no cravings for other foods, my brain is the fastest it’s ever been, I don’t even mind the sleep deprivation that comes with a baby (she wakes up at night still), I’m energized, happy in the morning, happy all day, and raring to go. The only thing stopping me is my ankle and that should get fixed hopefully soon. I’m getting my micronutrients tested and cholesterol this month. Comment below if you’re interested in certain markers and I’ll add them to the list. This is purely for people’s curiosity, I’m not concerned in the least, I feel great. I’m going to start doing consults (so keep an eye on the blog). Switch it to a pay per consult instead of Patreon. People who have been speaking with me feel better fast enough that we don’t have to keep talking which is amazing. My face is also thinner on this diet (even just eliminating salad). I don’t have as much puffiness in my cheeks. It’s lovely. I look so much more attractive. I was looking through pictures of myself in Montreal in 2012 and I look like a different human.

Hangovers: Hey! Good news, I don’t react negatively to alcohol (only bourbon and vodka – nothing else). It turns out that the minor reactions I was getting were to those hangover pills!!! Which work really well but were giving me symptoms. But my response to alcohol has changed. It used to fill me with energy and now it just kind of makes me slower. So that’s a downer but maybe I’m so fast normally that it’s starting to work like it should, it is a depressant after all. WARNING: This diet is NOT good for hangovers. My tolerance is down, not just because of breastfeeding, and the hangovers are killllllerrrr. Be careful. Go slowly with alcohol. Stick to bourbon and vodka (they have nothing else added – the colour from bourbon is from the cask).

I’ll be updating the blog much more frequently when the nanny starts, and I may even start a YouTube channel! I’m also writing a book (18 000 words in so far!) Exciting times. Doing great. Thanks for the support.

UPDATE: 2023 – Regarding hangovers I eventually made my own supplement I don’t react to that works reaalllyy well if you want to give it a shot. fullerhealth.com (more pure supplements will be launched soon that don’t have fillers, and are third party tested for mold, etc.)

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  1. @Eva
    Hi. I am obviously not Mikhaila.
    Recovering from an eating disorder is a serious undertaking.
    I’d like to recommend prayer and meditation (which you may be doing already) as part of your days.
    People can help, but you may need some inner guidance as well.

  2. 2
    @ Eva
    I just saw where you wrote “suffered” so maybe you believe you have recovered.
    Not for me to say. I didn’t catch the past tense the first time.

    1. I’ve recovered in a sense that it’s not as fucked up as it used to be. Did some research and there are some quite interesting explanations given from evolutionary psychologists about different types of eating disorders. I don’t know man, I’ve been on thousands of diets and did psychotherapy and got myself friends who were going through the same stuff, but that shit is still present and creeps back into my life like a fucking ninja. I was wondering if maybe anyone had found any evidence based research reviews that correlate eating disorders with food allergies?

      *If my English isn’t always perfect I apologize, since I am not a native speaker.

    2. I do not know your situation, but you might consider looking into NeurOptimal. It can clear trauma, including pre-verbal trauma.You can do it with a therapist also if one nearby has the device.

    3. As a certified bio-resonance technician your readers can also look for practitioners using the Qest4 or Asyra bio-resonance systems. Extremely accurate equipment detecting imbalances in the body – aka determining root cause issues – including food sensitivities. People are often surprised that foods considered healthy are in reality weakening their system…fortunately their bodies can be rebalanced with homeopathy. I hope this info is found helpful. I love your father’s teachings and learned about Mikhaila through Peterson’s interview with Joe Rogan.

  3. What about multivitamins? Do you take any supplements? Have you had any adverse reactions to any supplements?

    1. Mikhaila I am wondering if you are an O blood type – that thrive on red meat. I am A positive – and my body doesn’t produce enough hydro-chloric acid to digest beef readily. I thrive on chicken and fish. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to diets. I turned my health around back in 2010 – reversed everything I had going on. God food vs. people food.

    2. Hi Rita
      Have you taking betaine before meals? It increases stomach acid, especially useful for me being older as stomach acid weakens with age. I started off with one, and then added a capsule for every meal until I felt a slight burning in my stomach, then I dropped the number down one. I stayed at that number until I felt a slight stomach burning again, then dropped another one, and so on. I am also blood type A and have never had a problem digesting beef, or meat of any kind. there might be another issue? I also can take a teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 hour before meals to ramp up my stomach acid. or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
      Eat right for your blood type has no scientific backing. If you want to follow it (my dad did) and it works for you, please go ahead, but there’s no good reason to.

    3. Thanks Ken. Betaine is found readily in beets, also spinach and quinoa – all of which are staples for me. I do take digestive enzymes when warranted… make kombucha, etc (prefer taste to ACV). As a holistic practitioner I run bio-resonance scans on myself periodically, and this is how I learned beef weakens my body at the cellular level . Using homeopathy I have rebalanced and can eat beef now, but I am mindful of digestive enzymes when I know I will be consuming red meat. Swedish bitters is another option…in Europe it is common practice to take digestive bitters before meals. I only eat grass fed organically raised beef, preservative free, and I believe that has also been imperative in my being able to eat beef in moderate amounts…but I only do so once every 1-2 weeks as I have friends who raise them well, and my budget fares further with chicken than grass fed beef. I also don’t buy into “blood type diets” – agree with you wholeheartedly. I thought it interesting, however, to learn in clinic training that O blood type people have higher amounts of stomach acid and do not thrive on a plant based diet – which is often touted to cancer patients in order to make their bodies more alkaline (increasing oxygen levels, of which is necessary to kill cancer cells). Chicken has never come up on my food sensitivity list. If I ate red meat 7 days a week I suspect my body would become inflammed on the inside.

    4. Rita, in the Zero Carb Health group on Facebook, so many of us have type A blood that we’ve joked that the author of the blood type diet got his notes mixed up. ?

    1. Oh and for sure start a YouTube channel, there would be so many more viewers in my opinion. YouTube videos are so easy to reach and people would come across your videos a lot more easily. Like ‘Digesting Depression’ has 160k views and all of those viewers can super easily just check the referenced video playlist and your channel would pop up.

    2. Side note, Ville, I presume you’re a Finn, as I am too. Do you know if carnivorous diet is gaining any attention in Finland? I’m sure some people are doing it, but are they a small minority of extreme body builders etc. or even “regular people”? I’ve been so caught up with English speaking side of YouTube, Dr. Peterson and now Mikhaila and carnivorous diet, that I haven’t looked much into if any of it has spread over to Finnish social media. I decided to give this diet (and some increased exercise) a go myself, I’m excited to find out if it’ll work for me. I don’t think I would’ve ever considered experimenting with all carnivore diet if not for Mikhaila’s encouraging experiences and enthusiasm. I don’t have similar extreme health issues to fix, just general life goals that I can sense are more reachable with a major paradigm shift like this.

    3. Hi 🙂 yeah hah didn’t expect to meet another Finn here. Well I haven’t been searching for finnish info on the subject at all but never have I come across anyone doing this either. Hard to say, but I doubt there’s any attention going into this in finnish social media since you can only find a couple sites like this that are global. Like meatheals.com and zerocarbzen.com.

      Glad to hear you’re giving it a go! I’m 22 days in now to solve a list of issues. Be vary of the adaptation phase & keto flu – they can be a true pain and can frighten one away as it did for me 5 months ago.

      Would be great to hear on your progress if you want to share it! I’m posting with another person who started this at the same time as I did and it’s great to share the experience, improvements and advice with each other 🙂

    4. Neat. Well I tried it, consuming only water, meat and salt (and eggs and butter, so not Mikhaela’s diet but the more common carnivore diet), but I realized quickly that these few weeks I’m going to be traveling more and living with family and friends, and so now is not a good time to go on an extreme diet. I got to a good start though, like a week or so, until I went back to “normal” eating, and now I’m doing the meat thing again for a few days until next lapse. I don’t have any significant health issues, mostly just overweight and general lack of energy, so I’m not afraid of switching back and forth and getting insanely serious reactions like Mikhaela does, but I will definitely try the all meat diet again, properly and for a long term as soon as I’m back to normal life. I even bought a pressure cooker to make bone broth… I’ll be eating beef, lamb and deer and organs, bone broth, eggs, butter. Possibly fish, possibly some coffee and cream. And I’ll be doing intermittent fasting type of thing too, 24h fast on occassion, but 9h eating window in a day max (because that’s supposedly very very good for you), changing things up.

      I doubt I’ll keep my diet as restricted indefinitely though, I think I’ll keep beef as the base, the neutral, the go-to diet, and then add one element at a time, experimenting with it. Good thing about the all meat diet was that I didn’t experience any issues with the adaptation phase even though my diet before was like… milk chocolate based. I don’t know if I was in ketosis necessarily because the fat:protein ratio wasn’t as high as it is on ketogenic diet, but I was feeling good: calm, alert, positive, not hungry, not difficult to avoid carbs or snacking, slept well, no digestive issues, no bloating or nothing to complain really… I don’t know if I lost weight, but the diet is very simple to do, and very easy to fast also when on this diet. I can definitely believe that ruminant meat is the neutral, best food for a human to be eating. Going back to normal foods, especially sugar (!) however made the difference between normal carb-heavy diet and the all meat diet obvious, the tiredness, the mood swings, the bloating and gas and aches and ugh came upon me immediately and most of them I’d just ignored before, because I’d gotten so used to them. So I’m not sorry I flunked my initial experiments with this, it’s good for me to remind myself what the difference is, so that I’ll be more appreciative of the results of sticking with meat for a longer period.

    5. Yah good to hear you don’t get the reactions & adaptation, makes things quite a lot simpler. Agreed on fasting – I’ve done occasional 1-2 day fasts and intermittent fasting as well and it makes one feel quite good. Btw you don’t necessarily have to worry about protein determining whether or not you’re in ketosis I’d say. Glycogenesis is demand-driven instead of supply-driven, so excess protein doesn’t convert to glucose. From what I’ve heard, the amino acids transfer into puryvate and then can be used straight as an energy source, and only the necessary amount needed for the brain is transferred into glycogens. So as long as your fat intake is relatively high it should be enough. But complete fat-adapting takes a long time though.

      It’s good that you’ve now experienced the “optimal” way of eating though! Personal experience is definitely key here.

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