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6 Month Carnivore Update

By Mikhaila

I love this diet. I am never going back. 


Baby:  I’ve caved and gotten a nanny, and she’s starting in 2 weeks. I wanted to do the stay at home mom thing (which is what I’ve been doing for the last 10.5 months) but I can’t do it. There are too many things that I want to be able to do that I can’t do with a baby. Serious kudos to people  (like my own mom) who could do it. Taking care of a baby is a full-time job. And it’s incredibly rewarding but it’s hard when there are other things you’re missing out on. For me, that’s work, that’s the blog and writing. So a nanny it is, even though it makes me incredibly nervous. I realize how lucky I am to even have that option. We met someone who seems really bright and really kind and I think Scarlett will love her. She also speaks Russian so Scarlett can learn her dad’s language. We’ve only introduced meat and she’s still nursing a lot. I haven’t figured out what I want to do, but I’m thinking I may consider some vegetables and just see what she’s interested in. I haven’t decided yet.

Ankle: I need surgery. I don’t need to get it re-replaced (THANK GOD), but I do need surgery. After my ankle replacement my fibula was subluxed (slightly dislocated) and so I couldn’t bend my ankle well. Scar tissue grew in really quickly, and bone, and now there’s so much scar tissue that even though my wonderful physio fixed the dislocation, I can’t move my foot. The muscle on one side of my body is wasting away which is horrifying so I need to deal with this ASAP. That’ll be much easier with a nanny as well. Flying out to see a surgeon at the beginning of July, hopefully can do the surgery ASAP after that.

Jordan Peterson: Dad is thriving on the diet. He’s cut out salmon and is mostly eating beef but also some chicken. He told me salmon gives him back pain and makes his voice a bit shaky. Even after all the food weirdness, I’ve been through I had a hard time believing him. But I don’t eat it, and chicken makes me dizzy, so who the hell am I to judge? He has no depression, no anxiety, and no doom in the mornings. If you follow him on Twitter you might notice he’s not as volatile. Last week my mom texted me and said “Jordan woke up with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” in his head. If that isn’t a fantastic sign I don’t know what is. I’m going to get him to drop the chicken and I think his mood will improve even more. This all-meat diet is the bomb.

Mikhaila Peterson: I’ve been doing it for six months now and I swear it just gets better. I have no cravings for other foods, my brain is the fastest it’s ever been, I don’t even mind the sleep deprivation that comes with a baby (she wakes up at night still), I’m energized, happy in the morning, happy all day, and raring to go. The only thing stopping me is my ankle and that should get fixed hopefully soon. I’m getting my micronutrients tested and cholesterol this month. Comment below if you’re interested in certain markers and I’ll add them to the list. This is purely for people’s curiosity, I’m not concerned in the least, I feel great. I’m going to start doing consults (so keep an eye on the blog). Switch it to a pay per consult instead of Patreon. People who have been speaking with me feel better fast enough that we don’t have to keep talking which is amazing. My face is also thinner on this diet (even just eliminating salad). I don’t have as much puffiness in my cheeks. It’s lovely. I look so much more attractive. I was looking through pictures of myself in Montreal in 2012 and I look like a different human.

Hangovers: Hey! Good news, I don’t react negatively to alcohol (only bourbon and vodka – nothing else). It turns out that the minor reactions I was getting were to those hangover pills!!! Which work really well but were giving me symptoms. But my response to alcohol has changed. It used to fill me with energy and now it just kind of makes me slower. So that’s a downer but maybe I’m so fast normally that it’s starting to work like it should, it is a depressant after all. WARNING: This diet is NOT good for hangovers. My tolerance is down, not just because of breastfeeding, and the hangovers are killllllerrrr. Be careful. Go slowly with alcohol. Stick to bourbon and vodka (they have nothing else added – the colour from bourbon is from the cask).

I’ll be updating the blog much more frequently when the nanny starts, and I may even start a YouTube channel! I’m also writing a book (18 000 words in so far!) Exciting times. Doing great. Thanks for the support.

UPDATE: 2023 – Regarding hangovers I eventually made my own supplement I don’t react to that works reaalllyy well if you want to give it a shot. fullerhealth.com (more pure supplements will be launched soon that don’t have fillers, and are third party tested for mold, etc.)

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  1. Just found this blog a few days ago! I’m a huge fan of your father! But he got also a great daughter! I’m impressed how this diet improved your health! You are a very strong person!

  2. Gosh no Bliss! .if I were diagnosed with cancer meat would be out of my diet protocol for 3 months straight. Then to reassess progress.
    This is based on what I have learned through listening to the Ty Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer on line symposiums (free while they air but have purchased the DVDs and transcripts as well since consulting with cancer patients is part of my business), and other holistic and integrative symposiums as I began my study of cancer and Lyme disease.

    My husband was diagnosed with late stage cancer with 6 mo. to live. We discovered the doctor from whom we learned about bio-resonance scans late in the journey. He commented that the nutrition program I had implemented is what was keeping him going and the bones for remaining dense, even though cancer was in the bones (prostate mets to bones). What we learned from the bio-resonance scan is that my husband also had advanced Lyme disease. Onocologists did not want to hear any of that “nonsense”.

    With some changes to our protocol in the last month the cancer had stopped spreading and our regular doctor was quite impressed. However, he died of a collapsed lung. He had been put on opioids for four bulged discs in his back – both drugs state that this is a “serious but common side effect” on page 2 of the drug handout, which is not provided unless you ask for full disclosure. There is much more that could be said in this paragraph…but this is Mikhaila’s blog and needs to be respected as such.

    We learned about bio-resonance too late to tackle the root cause imbalances in his body. I have since become a practioner and have been blessed to train with a PhD who specializes in parasites and Lyme. Lyme parasites feed on hard to digest animal proteins. Until I would determine the root cause factors in the pathogenic virus (which is truly what cancer is – contributing to abnormal cells) I would not eat a hard to digest meat if diagnosed with cancer. Plant proteins and fish protein are easily digested proteins…and would have a place in my diet. BTW – past age 50 (although I see it showing up in my clients who are much younger as well) we all have abnormal cells. Our body responds by what we fuel it with – anti-oxidants (whch come from live plant food) are the “soldiers” that clean up the free radicals.

    Bliss – if you have concerns and wish to learn more you can message me privately I believe. You can search YouTube for the Truth About Cancer videos – lest they have been pulled down as Big Pharma does not care for truth.

  3. Hi Mikhaila!

    Check out this youtube video, it talks about the link between depression and inflammation.
    This could be why you had rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder) and depression at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X4qySqsYP8

    Also have you looked into homeopathy?
    Or read Upton Sinclair’s The Fasting Cure, it talks about beef as well

    1. His channel is amazing. He covers these topics a lot. And was thinking about you (mikhaila) as well when I first saw it.

  4. Hi Mikhaila,

    I’m almost two weeks in the elimination diet you recommend. Now I see that maybe there will be more to it. We’ll see how it goes anyway, and I’m still waiting for the lab to send the results of the igg test.

    But my main concern here is hunger. I’m actually not doing the elimination diet you suggest, cause from the third day, I brought back rice and quinoa. Otherwise, I was eating close to 1kg of chicken a day (with some broccolis or sweet potato) and still feeling very hungry. I’m already very thin and I don’t have 50 extra pounds to lose :-/ But the hunger was just too much. Actually, I had the very same feelings that I had when I fasted for two days.

    Anyway, my question is this : how can you deal with hunger if you only eat meat ? And what about the budget ? That must really be expensive.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. how much fat are you eating? If you are thin then you don’t really want to use body fat for energy, so you have to eat more fat. Put LOTS of butter on your broccoli or sweet potato. rice and quinoa. Since you are eating a lot of carbs it sounds like you are constantly spiking your insulin, which is going to make you hungry when your blood sugar goes low after digesting your food. Your body does not sound like it burns fat for energy easily. I think you need to look into a ketogenic diet, and how to transition into a ketogenic diet. This is essentially the diet Mikhaila is on You only eat chicken? no fish? no beef? I don’t think Mikhaila recommended an elimination diet, she just told us what elimination diet she used. Just eating meat is less expensive for me, because I am not spending money on all the junk in the standard “a” diet.Compare the cost of the nutrition in a pound of meat, with the nutrition in an equivalent cost of grain, or legumes, or vegetables. No contest, meat is less expensive and a lot less to eat!

    2. Thank you for your comment, Ken. As for yourself, how did you transition to such a diet ? Was it easy or is there a not so enjoyable period of time necessary for the body to adapt ? I heard people talking about this lack of energy when you transition to a kitogenic diet.

      I thought she recommanded to begin with the elimination diet + igg test, which is what I’m doing, more or less. (https://mikhailapeterson.com/2017/06/23/start-elimination-diet-begin-month-long-elimination-diet/)

      I’m mainly eating chicken cause it’s the cheapest. But also duck recently and some fish once in a while. Now I see that she suspects chicken to be not so good for the mood :-/ …

      How much weight of meat are you eating at each meal ? I still have trouble to figure out how you can only eat meat and not feeling hungry during the day.

    3. If you are only eating meat the way to not be hungry all day is to eat meat until you are not hungry all day.
      People, a pound of beef has about 800 calories, so if you do much of anything you need to eat 2 1/2-3 pounds of meat a day.
      If you are active, you need 4 pounds or more.
      To eat only meat, that’s what you have to do.
      (I don’t eat only meat.)

    4. I just ate 16 oz. green beans, 16 oz corn, and one pound of beef. That was one meal.

    5. well my Nutrition Almanac lists the calories in beef anywhere from 653 calories/pound (flank steak,45 gr fat 9%, 98 gr protein 21% protein) to 1.443 calories (club steak, 130 gr fat 28%, 59 gr protein 13% protein) so it`s all over the map. Mikhaila seems to prefer rib eye (1,673 calories, 156 gr fat 34%, 62 grams protein 14%)

  5. Sign me up for a consult when you begin them! I’m gearing up to try the ketosis diet, but am finding that my intolerances to eggs, dairy, and other high-fat foods are going to be a serious crimp in my ability to follow the guides online. I’ve been fighting this crippling digestive issue for nearly ten years and sense that this may finally be the path out. Keep up the good work!

    1. Here’s a question I didn’t see covered in the video here. Does she cook with Olive Oil at all? I know that months ago she mentioned she was cooking using pure olive oil but i know shes mentioned multiple times that she cant eat whole olives. The reason I ask personally is because in my current apartment I cant have a grill (no space or ventilation) and I cook on the stove top alot and that generally makes cooking Steak and Ground Beef easier. Thanks alot of all the help everyone!

    2. I don’t think she uses oils. Look into airfryers if you have little space, airfryer is small and fast like a microwave oven, but cooks excellent steaks. (Other stuff too.)

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