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Guest Post: Ankylosing Spondylitis and Zero Carb/Carnivore Diet

By Mikhaila

This is written by Jordan Gold. He contacted me through Instagram (goldjor) a bit less than a month ago and skeptically started the carnivore diet. This testimonial really made me happy. Ankylosing spondylitis is very similar to what I have except it causes arthritis in the spine (among other joints). It’s horrible. Anyway, Jordan emailed me the following:
“Mikhaila! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’m a 26 year old male with Ankylosing Spondylitis who discovered your diet at the peak of the worst flare up of my life. After many years of ongoing sciatica, crippling digestive problems, paralysing lumber spine stiffness and a terrifying, rapidly escalating back pain that I was told by a doctor “I will most likely die with”… I have finally managed to bring ALL of my auto-immune symptoms (the worst of my life at the time I started reading ‘Don’t Eat That!’) under control.
I’ve eaten nothing but salmon, shrimp, chicken and beef (mainly beef) for the last 30 days. I managed to actually go back to my 9-5 job – a job I had to quit due to stress and rapidly worsening morning struggles only a month before. I now move around pain-free in the mornings. A month ago I thought I would be crawling out of bed at 6 am in tears, sweating profusely for the rest of my life! The thing that means more to me than anything is I’ve stopped taking opioids for pain management (I’d been reliant on them to function normally for a good few months and it was starting to worry my GF).
I now see such an obvious correlation between what I ate and how arthritic, bloated and constantly fatigued I was. It’s so apparent to me now, I’m so conscious of it that I can’t believe I couldn’t see it before. I’m looking at food in a completely new way and I couldn’t feel better about it. In fact, I’ve never felt healthier or happier in myself. Even my skin is better FFS! I’m literally a better version of me. I cannot thank you enough. The word ‘diet’ really doesn’t do this justice.
P.S It hasn’t even been a full 30 days! Carbs = poison. “

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  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences, Jordon. I’m very happy for you! 🙂

  2. 1. Why is your father lying about his age (26)?
    2. Why can’t he just call you?

    On a serious note, do you measure your ketone bodies?

  3. Everybody is different but without some type of carbs you risk feeding your healthy gut bacteria which can cause other problems. Maybe try adding an avocado each day or probiotic. Because without some good carbs eg veges the good bacteria may die off and be overtaken by bad bacteria.

  4. Hey Mikhaila! This is amazing to read, so thanks for posting these blogs and stories. I must say, it’s great to finally see someone who is the same age as me have the same passion for personal health and food as I do. I feel inspired to try this “100% meat diet” myself. On another note, I think you should check out Dave Feldman and Peter Attia. They have a LOT of amazing, scientific information regarding carbs, cholesterol, fat, etc that I think will be interesting to you. Also, another question have you thought about incorporating bone broths into your diet? Eating bone marrow? Or perhaps raw sauerkraut juice? Perhaps it can aid in healing your gut and processing inflammatory responses? I wonder if there is a way to permanently rebalance a highly sensitive immune system?

  5. You will instantly begin to lose weight if you just do not eat any bread, white potatoes or pasta. In two weeks, you will feel great by simply eliminating those foods.

    1. Very true, and for me, that list includes rice and sweet potatoes as well. Many seem to think that sweet potatoes are far superior to white potatoes when in fact, sweet potatoes are roughly the same number of carbs and are only ‘slightly’ lower on the glycemic index. As for their moderate vitamin A content, that can be found in veggies that are lower in carbs or in meat without any carbs…

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