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April 19 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet Update

By Mikhaila

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay!

Jordan’s Zero-Carb Update:

Anyway, like I said last week, Dad started the carnivore diet. I told him I thought it could take up to a month for the doom-y mornings to get better. I don’t say “doom-y” lightly. I mean waking up and having all your worries flood in plus more, feeling overwhelmed, wanting to hide your head under the covers and go back to sleep. This doesn’t even describe it well enough. doom-y like there’s something deeply wrong and there’s no way to fix it.

For those of you who don’t know, Dad and I had extremely severe depression/anxiety. We managed to get most of it under control with the extremely strict original diet. No cheating. AT ALL. I would say it worked better for me than for dad mood-wise. It fixed his autoimmune symptoms, he lost 50 pounds, got rid of his snoring and GERD, so it helped, but it wasn’t good enough to completely remove the anxiety-ridden mornings. And anxiety-ridden is putting it mildly. He was experiencing a doom-y feeling in the mornings that would slowly fade by the evenings. No way to live really.

Anyway he went from eating meat and greens to only eating meat and felt better in TWO days. TWO. DAYS.

What’s only eating meat mean? It means chicken, beef, salt, and water or sparkling water. That’s it. I stick to beef because I think it makes me feel better, but he’s doing chicken too.

Now he’s not all the way better. He’s waking up doom free, at about a 7/10 according to him. But that’s an incredible improvement. Doom is not a nice feeling to wake up to. And it’s only been eleven days. He saw improvement in 2. Even I’m surprised at how fast it was. I’m assuming it was this quick because he had already cut 99% of the problem foods.

He’s shocked. He keeps saying, “Can that REALLY have been carbs? Like.. REALLY?” And yep folks, somehow it’s the carbs. So that’s fantastic news. I’m over the moon. He did improve mentally with the old diet. He went off meds, and stopped napping, and is much clearer in his thinking. But the anxiety didn’t go away. It’s been so stressful watching him improve physically but not all the way mentally for the last 3 years. Plus then he shot to fame and there’s been extra stress so it’s been hard to tell what’s life and what’s diet. Turns out the anxiety was diet! So that’s great.

Here’s a video. Couldn’t upload it here, too big.

I was over there Tuesday and he was smiling, playing with the baby, and happier than I’ve seen him in years. Thank GOD. I’ve been torturing him with my diet for almost 3 years and it’s helped but that stupid horrible anxiety was so hard to get rid of. And it seems to be fading out extremely quickly! Success. FUCK YOU WORLD – WE WON.

Anyway. I’m pretty stoked.

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  1. So happy for Dr. Peterson! I had been wondering how the carnivore diet was suiting him. He looks GREAT in the Instagram video, sleek even. All the best to you and your family, Mikhaila.

    1. I know! It is crazy. I totally get how there are people commenting telling me I’m nuts. I probably would have had the same response before I went through all this food hell… I’d be nicer though.

    2. Hi Mikahila,

      I have Ank Spond. It has fused the better part of my back and neck. I take Enbrel weekly to keep it from destroying me. I am physically active – I run and or hike in the mountains about three to four days a week. I eat reasonably well and have noticed that bread and pasta are murder on me. They kill my stomach, make my AS flare and cause me to experience fatigue which I carry usually until evening. It sucks.

      I am thinking I am going to try this all meat diet to see how it goes. Would be great to get OFF the Enbrel.

      I am a hunter too so it’s a great excuse to do more of it. 🙂

      If you want to contact me to see how it goes please do. I’m going to give it a couple of days before I start and chat with my wife to get her on board.

      Thanks for putting up your blog.


  2. The battle lines in this cultural war are being hewn into thr landscape of human action. The illogical anti-science zealots among have framed the debate for far too long. The wages of sin are death. Perpetrating a lie is a sin. Those who promote illogical anti-science are trespassing against us all, and attempting to damn our children for generations. We must not fail to recognize Cain in our time. We must not fail to see his gifts are unworthy. Fiction masquerading as fact must not be tolerated. Lies, wherever they are found, must be challenged, and the truth sought earnestly and honestly.

    The cult of monocropping poisons our herds in factory feedlots and sickens us with heart disease causing bread. The cult of monocropping makes the food and water toxic with thier chemicals. The cult of monocropping moves over the land like a wraith and leaves it barren landscape. The cult of monocropping uses advertising and the ballot box to further dogmatic, illogical, and unproven theories. Just as the cult of monocropping lays waste to the landscape for the sake of profits, so too does this cult lay waste to humanity.

    The murderous cult of monocropping must be seen for what it really is. We must show the light on the death and devastation caused by the leafeaters. We must not be blind to this reality anymore. We must not allow these charlatans to lay claim the moral high ground. They are anti-reason, anti-science, anti-nature, and anti-human flourishing.

    Save the Earth. Save humanity. End the cult of monocropping. Become the apex predator your genetic heritage demands.

  3. Hi Mikhaila, thanks for your great insight. Do you have any info on all meat diet and cancer? My son just beed diagnosed and I am looking for any chance to help him out. He is 18 years old. Would appreciate very much. Keep the good work!

  4. A total meat diet is environmentally unfriendly because the carbon footprint of cattle in particular is highly polluting. Eat veggies to save the planet.

    1. MaryG: Eat veggies to save the planet is utter nonsense! You can’t naively believe what the American (or even Canadian) government says. The whole “Carbon is bad” scheme is about wealth redistribution, it has nothing to do with global warming. If you wish to argue that cows eat plants and generate methane, the counter argument is that when people eat plants they generate methane too. It is a product of aerobic reactors everywhere and be it in a cow or human, the exhaust is into the atmosphere. Whether they are plants for people or plants for livestock, they take up land that might otherwise suck up carbon into trees. We just did grocery shopping and what we purchased was shipped here from all over the world, talk about a carbon footprint! We can get beef, year round, from Meaford. We can get vegetables from the Holland Marsh, but only during Canada’s summer. Meaford is less than 100 miles from Toronto, twice the distance to Holland Marsh. Neither place can produce enough food to feed all of Toronto. So, just eating causes a huge carbon footprint. The good news is that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is a gas that plants require.

    2. Well, even though i dont agree with MaryG, i don’t think it is about the methane per se.
      Plants absorb sun light and use some (about 10%) of it to create biomass, same thing happens when animals eat those plants. They use most of it for cell respiration etc. and use 10% of it to create biomass as well (muscle and fat tissue for example).
      So it is just an ecological principal. If we eat meat, we are eating 10% of the 10% of the energy required to create that biomass. So, that waya about 80% of our agricultural products are used to feed animals. It is just plain energy insufficient.
      But considering the benefits that are, for example, outlined in this blog one would have to think about wether some of it may be worth it.
      Apart from that, I don’t think that global warming is some sort of a conspiracy, it is real and the consequences of it are as well, although it can be used for pushing certain political agenda.

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