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April 19 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet Update

By Mikhaila

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay!

Jordan’s Zero-Carb Update:

Anyway, like I said last week, Dad started the carnivore diet. I told him I thought it could take up to a month for the doom-y mornings to get better. I don’t say “doom-y” lightly. I mean waking up and having all your worries flood in plus more, feeling overwhelmed, wanting to hide your head under the covers and go back to sleep. This doesn’t even describe it well enough. doom-y like there’s something deeply wrong and there’s no way to fix it.

For those of you who don’t know, Dad and I had extremely severe depression/anxiety. We managed to get most of it under control with the extremely strict original diet. No cheating. AT ALL. I would say it worked better for me than for dad mood-wise. It fixed his autoimmune symptoms, he lost 50 pounds, got rid of his snoring and GERD, so it helped, but it wasn’t good enough to completely remove the anxiety-ridden mornings. And anxiety-ridden is putting it mildly. He was experiencing a doom-y feeling in the mornings that would slowly fade by the evenings. No way to live really.

Anyway he went from eating meat and greens to only eating meat and felt better in TWO days. TWO. DAYS.

What’s only eating meat mean? It means chicken, beef, salt, and water or sparkling water. That’s it. I stick to beef because I think it makes me feel better, but he’s doing chicken too.

Now he’s not all the way better. He’s waking up doom free, at about a 7/10 according to him. But that’s an incredible improvement. Doom is not a nice feeling to wake up to. And it’s only been eleven days. He saw improvement in 2. Even I’m surprised at how fast it was. I’m assuming it was this quick because he had already cut 99% of the problem foods.

He’s shocked. He keeps saying, “Can that REALLY have been carbs? Like.. REALLY?” And yep folks, somehow it’s the carbs. So that’s fantastic news. I’m over the moon. He did improve mentally with the old diet. He went off meds, and stopped napping, and is much clearer in his thinking. But the anxiety didn’t go away. It’s been so stressful watching him improve physically but not all the way mentally for the last 3 years. Plus then he shot to fame and there’s been extra stress so it’s been hard to tell what’s life and what’s diet. Turns out the anxiety was diet! So that’s great.

Here’s a video. Couldn’t upload it here, too big.

I was over there Tuesday and he was smiling, playing with the baby, and happier than I’ve seen him in years. Thank GOD. I’ve been torturing him with my diet for almost 3 years and it’s helped but that stupid horrible anxiety was so hard to get rid of. And it seems to be fading out extremely quickly! Success. FUCK YOU WORLD – WE WON.

Anyway. I’m pretty stoked.

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  1. Hello, Mikhaila!

    I am 22 years old and I recently scored +ve for the rheumatoid factor blood test. I am not fully aware what I should be doing at the moment, I have really mild symptoms and the doctors want to give me some heavy medication. As someone who went through RA, can you possibly give me some advice as to how to procede? I have looked into the IgG tests to begin the diet changes but the opposition of the scientific community puts me off a bit. How did you convince yourself they were reliable?

  2. I have autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It has destroyed my thyroid and my life for 14 years, 1/3 of my life. I was near Myxedemic coma by the time it was diagnosed so from the outset my metabolic state was deeply undermined. I call it being 5 1/2′ under. I played competitive sports several times a week and maintaining my quality of life was like sand in a sieve. T4 replacement is NOT effective. Doctors persist that if you’re treated and still feel awful, you must be depressed…but this chicken definitely began with an egg dammit. Surviving by will alone is not survival, it’s subsistence. Talk about a waste of life and potential.

    I stumbled on some of your dad’s lectures/interviews/debates on youtube and then clicked the Joe Rogan interview Jan 2018. Throughout, I kept lamenting how ill and weak I am, how difficult it is to “clean up my act” while in this state. I kept saying inwardly, “but what if you’re chronically sick and just physically waking up is impossible?” Near the end your dad, to my utter shock, shares that you and he have both suffered and recovered from disastrous autoimmune diseases. I was like wait…what? I paused the interview and came straight to your site to learn more.

    One of the worst impacts is that I’m so, so sick in the morning. I feel physically and mentally like I’m waking up from death, not sleep. When you mentioned the morning “doom”, it was the first time in 14 years I’ve heard my own reality so aptly described. I’m not living a pity party, I know some have it far, far worse. I just want to live…that and problems I can’t solve drive me absolutely batsh*t lol

    Of course I’ve read about paleo diets and assumed it’s just another fad. But your dad’s words describing your extreme suffering and the happy ending of it are genuine to the point of enlightenment. I believe him. I believe you. and bonus…I LOVE MEAT! So if this can reform my physical conundrum into anything resembling “normal” again, I will truly forever cherish the moment I happened to check out this “controversial” professor and thereby, his miraculous daughter. I wish you and yours the best of everything, and most especially, continued good health. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Has your physician checked you for an iodine deficiency? Are they looking at your T4:T3 ratio or just testing TSH? T4 is the inactive Hormone and why physicians are comfortable giving it as a life long treatment. T4 is the precursor to T3 (active hormone). Iondine is the precursor to thyroid hormone so if you are deficient then no amount of levothyroxine is going to help.

  3. What type of meet are you getting? Grass des sources and what for chicken? I have psoarisis and heard Jordans talk on Rogan show and wanted to try it.

    Please let me know some me at sources. Thank you!

  4. Glad to know you’re both doing so much better! I have a question: What do you have for breakfast with the meat-only diet? o.o

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