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Guest Post: Astonished by the impact Mikhaila’s diet has made on my life. Part 2

By Mikhaila

This post is written by Jim, who wrote a previous post. “I have a feeling my body’s sort of programmed a fear/numbing response to these previously delicious foods, as a defense mechanism to prevent the possibility of relapse into pre-diet health.” – I feel you there. I’ve had the same experience. I’d suggest switching to hard alcohol from wine. It might lessen the hangover. Bourbon or vodka would be best. Also if you ever get any of your symptoms back, check the ingredients really carefully in the pre-marinated chicken, and ditch the peanut butter 🙂

“26 years old // Male // Health Issues: Lethargy, Anxiety, Severely broken sleep patterns, Mood Disorder, Hand Tremors, Fatigue, Excessive Napping, Overweight.

Hi guys,

I posted on Mikhaila’s page over a month ago detailing my improvements in health from just a few weeks of going on Mikhaila’s meat and greens diet. It can be found here.

It has been about 10 weeks on the diet now. Pre-diet weight was about 81 kg. I lost about 2-3kg in the first 2 weeks of the diet. At this point in time, I’ve lost about 7-8kg. This weight loss has done wonders for my self-esteem. I would’ve been more than satisfied with the diet fixing only my energy levels and sleep pattern, so it’s mind-numbing that I’ve lost so much weight as well, from NO exercise. I cannot wrap my head around it. I’m questioning how such a miracle can exist.

The diet’s fixed an array of health issues. I used to have severe hand tremors which seem to have reduced by about 80%, my mood’s consistent as hell now- no swings or neuroticism, I actually fall asleep not long after going to bed (pre-diet it would take me hours to fall asleep), I don’t get peckish or snack anymore, I’ve lost pretty much ALL my anxiety (this used to severely affect my day job, now I’ve exceptionally improved), I do not nap anymore even after a long day of work. I’m so damn confident now too.

In my initial post, I stated how I craved carbs/sweets like a fiend. I do NOT anymore. I love pizza/pasta/rice but I simply do not crave any of it anymore. I have a feeling my body’s sort of programmed a fear/numbing response to these previously delicious foods, as a defense mechanism to prevent the possibility of relapse into pre-diet health.

In case anyone is interested in what I eat most days:

***Breakfast ***
is normally bacon, eggs, cooked in extra virgin olive oil. Or just eggs only cause bacon does get sickening, and the sulphites probably aren’t too good in high amounts. If I’m sick of scrambled eggs, ill cook the eggs sunny side up, with a lid on the pan so the top cooks too.
*** Dinner ***
– Rump steak (I think Y’all call it sirloin?). I only get rump or t-bone, cause porterhouse and eye-fillet are too expensive (in Australia anyway). I like to rub in some granulated garlic, cayenne pepper, and salt before frying it in a grill pan (pan with those lines in it). I find a flat pan doesn’t taste as good? I’m probably just a crap chef
– Pre-marinaded chicken pieces, which are normally around 6 dollars a kilo. much much cheaper than steak. I microwave them for a few minutes to cook the inside, then throw them in my air-fryer for 10-20 mins depending on how much chicken i’m making.
-Greens: salad mix, broccoli, rocket, cucumber. Normally some balsamic vinegar to go with it too or extra virgin olive oil.

-peanut butter, but the mega nutty kind with minimal carbs.
– puffed pork krackles (google: Gold Medal Snacks Single Pack Pork Krackles)
-beef jerky (make sure it’s got no carbs, heaps of them have a boatload of carbs)

*** Condiments: Tabasco, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, mustard (dijon, american, hot english), balsamic vinegar. Virtually anything that’s low sugar. I tried nandos sauce too which tastes great but I feel a little funny after, probably a lot of artificial shit in it.

You can order straight beef patties from McDonald’s which are actually 100% beef (now this is truly mindblowing). it tastes bland as hell, but man, it’s good fuel. Cheap too, $1.10 a small patty, 2 bucks a qtr pounder patty, or 3 dollars an angus patty. I believe you can get lettuce and eggs on top of this to, i’ve yet to try this.

I do have a weekly night with my friends where I used to have heaps of beer. this has been replaced by red wine, which hits me pretty damn hard in quite modest amounts. if I have just 2-3 glasses, I feel fine. any more than that brings on a hangover the next day and makes me feel like how I was pre-diet.
I would quit alcohol cold turkey, but the social part of it is hard to abandon.

To summarise, I feel fucking great. So damn good. I’m sharing Mikhaila’s site with everyone I meet who i feel could benefit from better dieting. I’m also referring acquaintances and friends to Joe Rogan, Dom D’agostino (keto expert), Shawn Baker (carnivorous diet expert). I’m too excited to create a properly worded response of how I feel and the potential of these diets. They cure diseases too man, what the hell.

Again, thank you Mikhaila. You’re doing god’s work!”

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  1. You make good points about the peanut butter and wine Mikhaila. Isn’t it amazing what the human body can do once it receives the nutrition it really needs. I’ve heard it said more than once that the reason people are overweight is because they eat to much, and it’s true once you realize that people are eating so much because they’re desperately trying to get the nutrition that they need from ‘food’ that contains almost none! Once you start to eat food that contains that nutrition you need to eat only what you need, which is much less.

  2. Kenn, actually not all overweight people overeat. Half of my family eat like sparrows yet their bodies’ response to stress and foods that cause inflammation makes them put on weight like crazy ravenous people who wolf down pizzas, coke, ice cream, chocolate etc. They eat healthy foods yet half of them are doomed no matter what they do. The only thing that works for some is strict dieting e.g. 500kcal/day and exercising for 3-4 hours per day. As soon as they come back to only a mere 1200 kcal/day they put it all back on with interest. It’s no joke and that’s no way to live, counting every morsel and working out as hard as an olympic athlete just to normalize your weight?! Sometimes, some people just have trouble regulating their weight, without resorting to extreme measures, something is clearly broken. I’m going to give them this site to check out. They’ve started looking at keto, I think this might be a better first step for them to get started. Thank you for your honesty and bravery to share your story, Mikhalia. We need to get over our judgement of food, of what is right and wrong according to those who have agendas and take back our power. Try things and see what works for us. I love your passion, keep it up and keep sharing the changes your encounter as you continue on this personal journey.

    1. Yes, I fully well know that you don’t have to overeat to gain weight! That’s the reason I said that I have heard it said. But it can be a cause. If you eat a lot of junk food (McDonalds to doritos) you can be lacking the nutrition you need. That said, being overweight can cause a lot of inflammation, which damages the body and cal lead to cardio vascular events, diabetes, etc. I really hope your family really does look at and start eating a ketogenic diet, it could be very good for them! If they do, may I recommend 2ketodudes.com One of the dudes (Carl Franklin) was just starting a keto diet when the podcasts began, so we get to follow him on his journey adapting to and living in ketosis. They cover a lot of the science, but with humour, and very practical tips and pitfalls of the transition. all the best feather.

    2. Feather – you should urge your family members to have their blood tested for thyroid disease. Maybe they have but, if not, it’s very important to do so. What you describe is very unusual so it seems their body biology might be off.

    1. That’s pretty funny I guess bikemik94. Mikhaila is not really concerned about low fat! In fact for her (and many others) would low-fat is not healthy! It almost makes me think you have not read any of her blog. That said, if you want to fry foods, it is not really good as high heat can damage the fats, so maybe this is a good alternative if you want fried foods.

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