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Guest Post: Astonished by the impact Mikhaila’s diet has made on my life.

By Mikhaila

This post is from Jim. Thanks for sharing, glad you’re feeling better 🙂 (UPDATE: Part 2 is here)

“I’m ultra skeptical about dietary fads so when I stumbled upon a video of Mikhaila’s dad discussing a special diet, I was perplexed. I don’t fully agree with everything he says but I do enjoy his work and he’s made an oft-overlooked point (i believe on an h3h3 productions video) that poor dietary habits contribute to people not taking on real responsibility for their lives. I’d love to discuss that but do not want to get too off-topic so I digress.

Please read Mikhaila’s bio to see how her diet’s helped her and her family if you haven’t done so already.
it’s done wonders for my life. I’ve been on meat and greens for just 2 weeks and I’ve lost 2-3 kg but the most astonishing change is my energy levels. I sleep early, have a restful unbroken sleep, wake up earlier, have energy, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I feel hugely motivated every day. I used to always take a nap after work but I now come home feeling completely awake. I have 2 eggs and a half avocado in the morning and I am not hungry until 6 pm.
I used to work out (and gained a lot of muscle mass) and always thought carbs were a body’s primary source of energy. I am so mindblown by how wrong I was. on Mikhaila’s meat and greens diet, I’ve never felt so energized, with consistent slow-burning energy too. I cannot stress how important it is to CUT OUT CARBS. it feels as if carbs have been the main culprit of my lethargy.

I never thought I’d ever take a moment out of my life to praise a diet on the internet but people need to know the truth. I acknowledge that everyone is different and that Japanese people live absurdly long despite eating a lot of carbs, but I believe that her diet may help a lot of people in western countries who’ve had poor eating habits filled with processed carbs such as me.

Now that I’ve covered all the benefits, I’d like to address that with zero carbs- I do crave lollies, pasta, rice, pizza like an absolute fiend. I also do not drink alcohol anymore (luckily I don’t do it much anyway), and when going out, unfortunately about 99% of eatery menu items have carbs
I’m going to write another testimony in a few months to update everyone on my lifestyle re weight loss if energy’s still good etc.
but please try it out. For one morning have some eggs cooked in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a generous serving of avocado, with protein if you can (e.g. chicken or fish). eliminate ALL CARBS~~ and see how you feel. I couldn’t believe I didn’t get hungry until night time… that was just the beginning. I cant imagine how I’ll look and feel in a few months.

Many thanks to you Mikhaila and your father. Thank you !!!

I’d also like to summarise my diet food wise now: meats fried in extra virgin olive oil- steak, chicken, fish/avocados / leafy greens/peanut butter (spoonful for a snack) / lots of eggs /
Soft drink substitutes: lemon-ginger tea/almond milk


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  1. SteveK, Mikhaila has made it clear that these are personal anecdotes, not scientific proof. It’s unlikely anyone is going to be harmed by trying a diet of meat and greens — certainly not any more than Americans have been harmed by government guidelines on diet. More power to her!

  2. I went ‘almost’ ketogenic a few years ago and can totally understand that feeling of energy and better sleep and joy at watching the tummy disappear. In my case I did a healthy low carb, same kind of thing, breakfast was fish and greens, or eggs and avocado and green salad, that kind of thing. Berries for fruit. Nuts and salmon and salads and eggs. I actually lost twenty kilos quite quickly, to get down to a pre-babies weight for my child’s wedding and looked, i must say, fabulous! The side effect was lowered blood pressure, and loss of aches and pains, but very VERY high BAD cholesterol. THE LDL. Anyway it was a very healthy diet, but not sustainable in a family context. Alas, as time went on I put all the weight back on and more within a year, and it was triggered by eating a single piece of pecan pie. That sugar just switched on a light, and I had cravings for food that I had removed from my diet, and that resulted in me being back where I started, with the high blood pressure and stuff again, but this time, to avoid a rebound which is apparently natures way of dealing with starvation, I’m being a little more sensible and having healthy grains like buckwheat and quinoa instead of avoiding all together so my diet is more of a lower carb, healthier one with fruits as well. I’m making slow progress by eating less energy overall, but yes, I do remember the days of being able to cycle for hours and hours and hours just on a few nuts for fuel. I’d go ketogenic or very low carb again if I had to, but for me its not sustainable and doesn’t fit into a family food regime, not when the other members of the family enjoy pasta and bread and root vegetables which are all healthy in the context of a balanced diet (really). Interestingly, my husband never has problems with weight or blood pressure and he eats a very high carbohydrate diet.

  3. I went zerocarb carnivore like Mikhaila and within 24 hours all my cravings were gone. It’s only been just over a month and aside from losing weight and feeling alive like I haven’t for god knows how long, the arthritic knee I’m slated to have replaced seems to have started healing itself.

    1. Jesus has intervened in your miraculous recovery…. and going carnivorous is a blessing in disguise. Dominus vosbiscus…

  4. Fantastic, well father and daughter are champs,,, btw Mickhaila your father rocks

  5. I find it crazy how people will say it’s risky to not consult and be “vetted” by a doctor when it comes to anything health related and that the medical establishment should have a monopoly on information and no one should share their experiences.

    oh ya, if something isn’t substantiated by “scientific evidence”, it has no merit apparently.

    Yet the studies on diet, drugs, medical procedures are always funded by the people who have a vested interest. The sugar industry did studies showing fat causes heart disease/diabetes and cholesterol is “bad” to distract from the real problem; excessive intake of carbs.

    The corrupt medical establishment wants a “monopoly” on health care; most health professionals patronize their patients – treat them like problem objects that only they can fix. The “fix” is based on the flawed studies.

    Doctors don’t want people to take charge of their own lives and have much input on their own health care.

    Apparently it’s “risky” and “inappropriate” to experiment with diet and share knowledge not vetted by a doctor or even choose not to see a doctor regularly. But the high carb diet, chemotherapy, soy baby formula, using anti-psychotic drugs to treat depression, removing perfectly healthy tonsils, foreskins, wisdom teeth -> all “okay”.

    1. You sound like a post-modern fearmonger. Slagging doctors is a form of deception for what your are advocating.

    2. Personal health is simply too important to put exclusively in the hands of fallible people (oh sorry – “trained professionals”) especially considering the vested interest they have in writing prescriptions and doing procedures. The cozy relationship many of them have with drug reps.

      Caveat emptor. That is all.

    3. Trust nobody. You are prescient and paramount. You and your feeelings cannot be wrong.
      Cast doubt about the medical establishment to achieve your post-modern leftist objectives. Keep on truckin’ …….

    4. Always trust the expert.

      Never do your own research, never make decisions for yourself. You’re not a doctor – therefore you don’t deserve control over your own body. You know nothing. Don’t educate yourself, stay dumb, be a passive consumer.

      Don’t try to take charge of and be responsible for your own life – if you do it means you’re post-modernist cultural marxist.

  6. Post hoc ergo propter hoc….. after this therefore because of this …. after I went on a meat diet my health problems vanished… therefore the meat diet cured me. Highly anecdotal logic that is scientifically specious.

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