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Bad(ish) News – Spoke Too Soon – Minor Reaction to Antibiotics

By Mikhaila

Hey everyone,

I’m still not depressed from the antibiotics I’ve been taking but I did wake up with quite a bit of joint pain.

Like I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking antibiotics for a week now and last week the tablets were full of gross ingredients like vanilla flavouring, orange dye, starch, sodium laurel sulfate (ick), etc. I found a capsule version instead of a tablet version (those usually have fewer fillers), and have been using gelatin capsules but they still have fillers added. I don’t have another option.

I didn’t think I’d get away with no immune response but I’d waited a week and posted the article yesterday with no symptoms other than a little bit of skin irritation. I haven’t had a reaction in so long I forgot how long the arthritis takes to pop up! So turns out I didn’t get away with it. Fortunately it seems minor so far. Left knee, both wrists, both thumbs in both the joints, right elbow, and left jaw pain. Not too bad honestly, but I can feel it.

I’m not posting this to complain. I’m really doing extremely well and the joint pain isn’t too bad. As long as it doesn’t hit my mood I can handle it (although I can handle that too). I also know it’ll go away when I’m not ingesting things other than beef. I’m not worried.

I’m posting this because I thought I’d update all of the autoimmune people who follow the blog. My arthritis is triggered so easily, with such small quantities of things. If you’re having difficulty with your diet, or not getting the response you want, remember symptoms can take a while to show up (even I forget, it’s been almost 8 days – thought I was in the clear). I find arthritis usually takes the longest to show up, and with the smaller quantity of “food” and the more minor the reaction, it takes longer to show up as well.

I also don’t know if I got itchy first (which is usually an easy way to know I’m going to react) because I’m still itchy from the hydromorphone! Unless the antibiotics are contributing to that, who knows. I just know it started with the hydromorphone. Surprisingly, this minor reaction still hasn’t really reached my brain. No brain fog or mood issues that I can tell of. Hurrah for small wins.

Anywayyy good luck out there everyone! Remember it can be complicated and confusing but to just keep trying to figure it out.

Worst comes to worst = beef, salt, and water.


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  1. Mikhaila, Thanks for posting that, for posting everything you have. These crazy autoimmune diseases with their complicated gut/joint connections are so frustrating and confusing to figure out. Trying and connect all the dots when the reaction time is delayed is so hard. And it’s so easy to end up in that defeated hopeless place and feel like giving up. I think you sharing your story, with all your struggles and all your successes, especially your fortitude and grit, has made a lot of people not feel so alone in their struggle That is a tremendous gift you’ve given people. You’ve created a community where people can struggle together and gain hope, strength, and wisdom. Just want you to know how many people are buoyed up by your story, I see references to you all over the place. Best wishes to you…

  2. What if all these allergic reactions occurring are because your body was used to all these different foods and building up tolerances and immunity by seeing them all the time. Now you go so long on an all beef diet and your body has zero defense to all the environmental factors because all it sees is beef ? All the shitty food you were eating before was building up your bodies immune system to fight anything. Just an idea, I love carnivore too and tried eating a strawberry the other day and every blood vessel constricted and I had a huge impending doom feeling. I used to be fine on strawberries back in the day.

  3. Dr Jordan Peterson , I watched a podcast with your entire family and I was blown away. What a gorgeous family .. So we’ll read and educated and eccentric . I hope your family is well. I would love to hear one of your lectures in person and I am going to buy your books tomorrow .

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