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BBQ Burger

By Mikhaila

BBQ Burger

BBQ Burger

From pan-frying and broiling to air frying, there are lots of different ways to cook a burger. But when it comes to getting a nice char on the outside and a juicy interior, none of those methods can quite measure up to grilling.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1lb or more of ground beef, bison, lamb, etc.
  • Salt
  • Grill (charcoal, propane, electric, etc.)


  1. Turn your grill on high. 
  2. Let the grill get to 400 degrees. This should take 10 minutes or less.  
  3. Take roughly a quarter or third of a lb of ground meat and shape it into a disk. Don’t overhandle it. Just loosely form it into a thick patty.
  4. Salt liberally. 
  5. Turn the knob down to medium-high heat once the bbq reaches 400.
  6. Put the burger on the grill and close the lid of the BBQ.
  7. Wait for several minutes. Around 5-8 minutes (maybe less depending on your burger thickness) you should start seeing juices rise to the top of the burger. When the juices appear, flip the meat. 
  8. In another 2-5 minutes you should see the juices rise again. If they don't rise during that period, check the burger's temperature with a thermometer. I usually take the burger off when the internal temperature reaches around 140°F. 
  9. Once the juices rise for the second time or you've hit your desired temperature, take it off the grill (turn off the grill and don't forget about the propane knob if that's what you're using). 

10. Enjoy!

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