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Guest Post: Better Eating Fewer Carbs, But Best at Carnivore

By Mikhaila

This is a testimony from someone I’ve been communicating with for quite a while. Low carb wasn’t quite enough for her.
“Hi Mikhaila
This is my testimony. Please don’t include my name. Thanks for changing my life.
I’m 28 and female. I was suffering from so many autoimmune disorders since I was a kid including eczema, horrible rashes that covers my entire body, never-ending itchiness, severe acne on my face, cystic acne on the bikini area (Hidradenitis Suppurativa), back pain, extreme PMS, bladder inflammation (always feeling like I have to pee), depression, crying, anger, and self-harm despite taking anti-depressants, constant bloating and diarrhea, IBS, excess weight, intense sugar cravings, arthritis in my ankles and wrists, ovarian cyst, acid reflux, allergies, early graying of hair, tooth decay, and gingivitis.
 All these horrible problems are gone since I went carnivore. Back then I was following a supposedly healthy low fat diet full of whole grains, nuts, fruits, and veggies with meal-planning and calorie counting. Through an elimination process, I found that I had severe inflammatory reaction to gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, legumes, nuts, and grains, but I could tolerate a few fruits and root vegetables. I still had intense sugar cravings, so tried keto, but I was never 100% symptom-free until I went full carnivore.
One of the biggest reliefs for me is the psychological freedom on a carnivore way of living. I used to make a new diet plan, uncontrollably binge on carbs soon after, and then force myself to throw up (Bulimia). It left me feeling ashamed, powerless and addicted. It took me a while to heal from the dieting mindset and let myself eat meat freely without guilt. My carb cravings were gone after two weeks and my appetite regulated itself quickly. I feel so good and advanced so much in my career and personal life recently.”

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  1. Hello Mikhaila,

    I think that your website might be hacked. I went to Google and searched the name of your website and then I clicked directly from Google’s search results and it redirected me to a page that has a contest thingy.

    Please contact your hosting provider and ask for a sweep of your website as it might be compromised. Also use https:// in your url as it is more secure than ever.

    You might be sending viruses to your readers.

    To Your Success,

    1. This might be part of googles attack on Jordan Peterson (eg. briefly removing his account ‘by mistake’) I don’t use google, my default search engine is duckduckgo, 2nd one is Startpage.

    2. well I just tested a search using “Don’t eat that’ on google, and it came up fine.

  2. To anyone that really wants to understand keto and it’s amazing benefits really needs to watch the Netflix documentary called The Magic Pill….it’s is amazing…truly scientific and historical data…also an interview of an ex-VEGAN activist that is now a proponent of Keto…best point she made was that if you are planning your garden and don’t want to use Monsanto shit to give your soil the fertilizer it needs what do you use??? Answer: blood meal, bone meal..plants use animal’s by products to grow!!!.and if you don’t want bugs eating your garden and won’t use pesticides what do you do??? Get chickens and ducks to eat the bugs they kill and eat the bugs which made her upset at first but then realized that is the natural cycle of life. Animals eat other animals!!!!…I get the mistreated aspect of the animals raised in traditional meat industry but if you buy pastured animals for food they are happy and are actually regenerative to our ecosystem…the vegans that been commenting need to watch this!!! Go Keto!!! Go carnivores!!!

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