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Why I Thought Diet Was Worth Looking Into

By Mikhaila

When I was 14 I started getting itchy. It was winter time, and I thought it was dry skin on my lower legs, except they weren’t visibly dry. The itch never went away, I just learned to live with it. If you’re itchy for years, you stop remembering what it’s like to not be itchy.

When I was a teenager I also suffered from acne. Not terribly, but still enough to get me to really learn how to apply foundation. When I was 19 I started getting tiny itchy blisters on my fingers. When I was 20 they appeared on my toes, and knees and elbows. Obviously that’s not a normal occurrence, or at least shouldn’t be. When I was 21 I started getting something like cystic acne. Extremely painful bumps under my skin that would eventually break, but it almost seemed like they’d blister. It started happening about twice a year, and eventually was happening all the time. In 2015 Christmas, I had 4 bumps on my face that broke open and wouldn’t heal for 5 weeks. Doctor’s thought I was doing this to myself.

I started researching rashes. I would get these bumps on my upper back and my bum and worst of all, my face. I researched different types of skin disorders for years. I didn’t know where to start. I started looking at skin issues when I was 19 and finally when I was 23 I came across dermatitis herpetiformis, characterized as an itchy blistering rash. I had never connected the itchiness to the blistering! The itchiness has started so much earlier that I forgot it was even there.

Dermatitis herpetiformis is a rash caused by gluten, for some people with Celiac disease. I looked at pictures, thought “YES FINALLY all I have to do is cut out gluten, hell, maybe my arthritis is even a celiac thing”.

I went to tell my dermatologist and he laughed at me. Didn’t go back to see that guy again, but I did cut out gluten.

Now it did help, But it only helped about 10%. I was a bit disappointed but also encouraged by the minor change I did see.

That’s how my entire food process started. Thank god I had terrible skin, because neither the depression nor the arthritis, and not the chronic fatigue made me look towards diet. (What can I say, having bad skin as a girl reallllyyyy gets you down).

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  1. Hi Mikaila,
    I’m just starting the diet (2 days in), and I’m wondering how you came up with the list, or better, what ailments the list is designed to relieve, or guard against? I’m doing it for chronic tiredness, joint pain, overweight, depression, and Dercum’s disease (I think). also had eczema all through childhood. I’m having trouble finding sweet potatoes, cause I live where they’re out of season so can’t be found, and I really miss SOMETHING a little starchy. Are regular potatoes a total no-no?
    Thank you so much for sharing you experience and discoveries! And CONGRATULATIONS on finding your solutions!
    best wishes, Gilda

    1. You’re starting to get cravings. Make sure you have enough food in the fridge, and make extra food at meals. Cravings can get REALLY nasty, but they do go away (after about 3 weeks). I find they get worse until about day 8-9 and then start fading. I had most of those problems you’re describing and the diet fixed me. I think it’ll help, you just have to beat those cravings.

  2. Hello Mikhaila,
    Why there is no pork on your list of meats?
    Also, there is no raw cabbage, but you list a recipe for the sourkraut?
    I am not sure if I am asking at the right spot of your blog, but hoping you will notice, and will be able to tell me.
    Thank you

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