Carnivore Diet 2 Months In

This is written by Dan. Glad it’s working for you.

“Been on the carnivore diet and so far has been excellent. Here is a list of benefits I’ve seen so far:

More energy throughout the day
Almost no anxiety
Much more social
No more pimples
Borderline asthma is gone
My impulse to drink alcohol is completely gone
More euphoria moments during the day not accompanied by lows (if that makes sense)
Hunger suppression with no urges to eat junk. (EXCEPT when I’m hungry again)
Don’t stress about what I need to eat. It’s simple: eat meat. (This can wear on your willpower daily if you think about it.)
Higher sex drive
Eyesight is always consistent (blurred at times before diet)
More strength
No more belly fat
110/70 bp dropped from 125/80
Still have psoriasis but it seems to be slowly going away

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  1. can i ask how the psoriasis is now? i’m also at 2 months and still struggling with itchy scaly skin

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