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Guest Post: Keto to Zero Carb

By Mikhaila

This post is from L.E. Kimball who has a website linked HERE. She goes into detail about her transition into zero carb.

“I am a university professor and published literary writer and blogger. I live off the grid on 35 acres on the Little Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I have always been interested in diet and fitness. I have a current blog that is chronicling my diet experiment (I plan to be on this diet until Nov. 30th, then move slowly back to keto, I THINK) after I have my blood work done. I am simultaneously chronicling my dream research (on myself and general research) for a new novel project I am working on. Interested in the diet’s effects on lucid dreaming.

I have been on the Keto diet for three months and had already lost twelve pounds on it. I had been sliding into Carnivore just naturally somehow when I saw it reviewed by Mark Sisson and how it might be appropriate for some. I’ve been on Carnivore ten days and I feel remarkably different.

I’ve lost a couple more pounds since going from Keto to Carnivore, my face isn’t puffy, my joints don’t hurt. My skin is remarkably better, smoother, fewer lines, moister. I had slightly reduced energy a few days during workouts, but now feel fine and am building more muscle than I’ve ever had. The biggest change is I have zero stomach pain and bloating and I can go to the bathroom much easier. I haven’t been pain free in the abdomen since I was a small child. People are noticing how much better I look already. I will be posting after pictures late Nov., but you can see some intermediate photos on my website.”

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  1. Is the food pyramid a lie or are you just allergic to basically everything apart from meat. Also is organic food really free from all pesticides. I had the thought that maybe you just have a really bad reaction to pesticides?

    1. I’m allergic to everything. People obviously should not have the reactions I have, but the food pyramid is formed from dangerously bad science as well. Grains aren’t ideal for people, and saturated fat (particularly from meat) is actually healthy. It’s not the pesticides for me but it’s definitely something.

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone (I wrote the testimonial here). I want to especially thank Mikhaila for posting what she has and the help she’s given people. Even if this needs more study before everyone jumps on the band wagon, it’s clear that conventional medicine has much of this wrong. I, too, have autoimmune problems (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) and it may be that people like Mikhaila and I ARE allergic to almost everything (probably not pesticides since I only eat organic). But Mikhaila is also right that the food pyramid is wrong for most people. On the 23 and Me results, it indicates that I have type of muscle composition typical of elite athletes. There are different types. So it seems reasonable that different diets work for different people. Could be people like she and I need more protein. It’s hard to say, but the one thing I am sure of is that this is still not understood clearly and should be studied more. What is worrisome is that they are heading toward censoring people who go against “conventional” medicine (read huge food companies and drug companies), because relating our experiences is “harmful” to the population. Welcome to Brave New World. People need to take charge of their own health and not depend on governments to tell them what to eat and how to take care of their health. It’s not government’s job to parent us. Like Mikhaila said in her video in response to the Daily Mail, people need to do their own research, take charge of their own health. She isn’t selling anything. Thanks again, Mikhaila and hang in there.

  3. p.s. I was on Carnivore for 52 days. I had my labs done and everything was great except my cholesterol which was 400. HOWEVER, read my blog at lekimball.com. All my male relatives eat carbs, have LOW cholesterol, but high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, borderline high glucose, fat stomachs, high blood pressure and they have all had cardiac events. I have none of that, only high cholesterol. I did add some lettuce and a few cooked veggies back in and am taking berberine because I’d like to get that back in the high 200 range, but this is also true: the average person who has cardiac event has total cholesterol of 179, high triglycerides, low HDL, high blood pressure. And it’s also true that people over 60 live LONGER with high cholesterol. I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds on a combination of keto and Carnivore diets. I am not convinced they have all this right. I started to add a plant sterol in there until I looked up side effects. Yes, it lowers cholesterol, but it puts plaque in the arteries of your heart. What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll stick with adding a few veggies in and that berberine. My labs will be rechecked the end of Feb.

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