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Vitamin Results 2023 (5 years on the Lion Diet)

Here are Jordan Peterson’s micronutrients results after 5 years of only eating meat with no organs or supplements. Crazy huh? Extremely good. This diet is sustainable long-term, although ideally if you address the root cause which is resulting in the sensitivities, you can reintroduce foods. We’re very seriously looking into mold/biotoxins from our environments as …

How We Cured/Treated Suicidal Akathisia

“Akathisia is a common adverse effect of treatment with antipsychotic drugs, with incidence rates ranging from 5-50% depending on the duration of treatment and the drug used. It is a common cause of treatment non-adherence and has been associated with violence and suicide.” This blog post is directed at anyone who is suffering from akathisia, …

New theory on food sensitivities and potential cure?!

Wow I haven’t written a blog post since 2019 before my life blew up and my parents got ill and everything turned upside down.
BUT I have a new theory, so I needed to come back here. I haven’t had a theory since 2019 or 2018. Maybe 2017. This is a big one (but I’ve been wrong before so who knows).