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Easiest Chicken Wings In The World

By Mikhaila

I eat these all the time. Like once a day because they’re awesome and easy. Sometimes I wake up early and stick them in the oven and then go back to sleep so they’re ready when I actually want to get up. Or I eat them watching TV. Super easy.

1. Buy chicken wings (these are called split chicken wings). The bigger packages are less per kg than the smaller ones.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Take chicken wings out of the container and put them on an oven safe pan.

(If you want to make your life easier, buy a cookie sheet like Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet and Baker’s Quarter Sheetthis and buy one of these. I do not recommend AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat – 2 Packthese even though they’re cheaper… They kinda taste like plastic. And if not eating toxins is the goal… That’s probably a bad sign. But the mat makes them crispier and it’s soooo much easier to clean. Otherwise, you have to soak the thing you cooked them in and it’s kinda gross and annoying and time-consuming. Worth the money.

4. Sprinkle generously with turmeric. Add a whole bunch of salt and pepper.

5. Stick them in the oven. I don’t usually wait until it’s preheated because… who really has time for that 🙂

6. Wait 50 minutes and voila.

Keep in mind I am not an Instagram star and I’m sure if these pics were edited they would look much tastier. These are SO GOOD. Try ’em. And skip the turmeric if you don’t like it or if you’re on the lion diet.

Then once you’re done eating DON’T throw away the bones. Keep those suckers. All of them. Do this: How to make homemade chicken broth 

Or if you’re lazy stick the bones in a freezer Ziplock bag until you’re not lazy. I never throw away bones.

I eat these as a snack. Or if you want them as a meal and want to add a green, here’s the collard greens recipe.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken wings, except for maybe some happy hour I did many years ago but forgot about.

    What’s funny is that I bought an air fryer semi recently, for the express purpose of finally getting back into them, but haven’t yet made them. I go to trader joe’s for my shopping and haven’t found them yet. Thank you for the oven recipe, I may try that too, in case my fryer needs cleaning from other food I cook in it.

  2. Cover the cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Two layers is best. After baking wings, crumple up tin foil and discard.
    No soaking or cleaning up cookie sheet.

    1. They’re better when baked on silicone (I’ve tried both ways). Foil makes the wings over cooked and dry; the silicone makes the wings PERFECT. I wish it was the other way around, because the silicone mat is a pain to get really clean.

    2. We use parchment paper rather than silicone mats or foil. The foil does alter the heating profile but not so much with the parchment paper. I save the foil for cooking brisket on the Egg. 😉

  3. Very confused, are you eating only these or greens as well?! And i thought you only did beef and water and salt? Turmeric anf greens is ok?

  4. I’m still glad to read them. Gives me some healthier options I can cook for the others not eating beef only.

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