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FAQ – November 2017

By Mikhaila

What do you eat for breakfast? 


We don’t eat fruit, we used to but it wasn’t working out. It hits dad’s mood, and it 100% gives me arthritis. The more sugary the fruit, the worse it is (oranges and bananas seem to be the worst, but grapes were also really really not good). Bananas do taste good in smoothies but they are terrible for my arthritis. We’ve given up on the idea of breakfast foods. Chicken wings all day every day. If you need something fast, a salad is easy and it gives you a lot of calories with the olive oil.    

What is your take on lemons?

I haven’t tried lemons. The pure lemon juice that comes in bottles can contain sulfites, but lemons don’t show up high on the IgG test, and they don’t have much sugar so they can’t be that bad (if bad at all). I just haven’t tested them out on myself so I don’t know yet. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them though.

What do you do for dressings?

Apple cider vinegar and olive oil. And a ton of salt and pepper. This apple cider vinegar is the tastiest. There’s a lot of variation in apple cider vinegar and there are some bad ones.    

What do you think of healthy fats like avocado?

I ended up reacting to avocados, but coconut oil, MCT oil, and olive oil are all good. Avocados did give me arthritis eventually. It wasn’t an obvious thing right away though. Probably something you could test out but I’d eliminate it at the beginning.    

What’s your take on almonds, chia seeds?

I REALLY can’t do nuts, again, arthritis and mood. I know these are really easy to get a good snack from but I’d avoid them at the beginning. I haven’t tried chia seeds yet though! I tried reintroducing almond butter early on and it was not good for me at all.    

Turmeric and pepper?

I basically survive off of turmeric and black pepper as my spices. Definitely no problems there, I haven’t noticed if they’ve helped with inflammation, but anything that doesn’t hurt is great in my books.    

What do you do for a sweet treat?

Nothing… I haven’t had anything sweet in months. This is really hard for people… It might be easiest to keep apples or something in your diet until you can handle removing them. Removing all sugar gives you insane cravings. It does disappear in about 2 weeks but those 2 weeks are intense.    

I’m wondering how you make your chicken soup or any soups without onions, celery, and carrots?

Broccoli is fine! It showed up on my mom’s IgG test but nobody else’s, it definitely doesn’t bother me. Celery was an IgG food, and carrots and onions are too sugary, even if they’re just in broth. If you try my chicken broth recipe (works better with a chicken carcass vs chicken wing bones), it’s really good! As long as you add enough salt. You don’t need the veggies for taste. .. And I am a picky individual. I like food that tastes good. Especially broths.    

I understand you take 5HTP for depression and recommend it if you’re not on anti-anxiety or depression pills

Definitely not if you’re already on medication. I also have had friends tell me it’s made them angry instead of calmer. It really helps me (so did SSRI’s so I’m assuming my problem is with serotonin). Make sure you take it with food or it can make you very nauseous. Also if it doesn’t seem to be working, try a higher dose. I need quite a bit in order for it to work. It definitely takes the edge off and I haven’t experienced side effects.    

What type of apple cider vinegar do you use?

Omega Nutrition Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is by FAR the tastiest. There are some crappy apple cider vinegars out there. Also adding it to sparkling water is excellent. In Canada they sell it at Loblaws and most health food stores.  

Do you drink green tea?

Green tea is fine! I’ll add that to my list, I do drink organic green tea.    

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    1. Eggs are out for us. IgG reaction (causes severe depression and bloating… among other things). I can tolerate egg yolks better than whites, I’d recommend cutting them and then adding them back in later. Maybe try the yolk first as well.

  1. I toss peeled lemons, ginger root and turmeric root into my juicer and take daily “shots” of it every morning. I find it primes my digestion and ever since I started it as a daily regimen I have been able to completely cut out the anti-inflammatory medication I was living on for chronic back pain. I suspect the vitamin c is helping too, since I have yet to suffer my annual change-of-weather cold bug.

    1. I started off eating ginger than cut it out when I got paranoid at some point. I’m going to reintroduce that soon, I love ginger. I haven’t tried lemons yet but those would sure be nice to have. That sounds like an excellent thing to do first thing in the morning.

  2. What do you think of Monk fruit sweetener? I never heard of it until today, and I spontaneously bought it. If I wanted to have a sweetener, is this a good option? I read that erythritol is made from fermenting the sugar in corn which is confusing to me since it is zero calorie and considered paleo when corn isn’t paleo. It also is supposed to not be able to be broken down by intestinal bacteria. Just curious about your thoughts on this.

    1. I haven’t tried it, but from the looks of it, it’s pretty good as far as sweeteners go. Maybe I’ll try it eventually… Just make sure it’s not mixed with anything. I know they mix stevia with fillers a lot of the time. But it doesn’t look half bad!

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