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Favourite Products at Paleo f(x) 2018 – Salt, Toothpaste, and Baby Food

By Mikhaila

Super quick post about a couple of things I saw at Paleo f(x) that I really liked. I know this is late, but c’est la vie, better late than never. I couldn’t eat most of the things there, but it was an excellent time anyway. Great minds.

Redmond Real Salt

This salt is weirdly tasty. It’s not Himalayan but I love it. I took a number of free samples (they were giving away a generous 2 oz per sample – which last me a shockingly short period of time) and have recently bought it from WholeFoods. Love. Highly recommend.

Redmond Spearmint Earthpaste 

The same company as the salt also makes toothpaste. I have been very paranoid about toothpaste in the past, but this toothpaste passed the test. I make sure I don’t swallow any of it, but I’m not particularly worried if I do. The ingredients on Amazon are wrong. The actual ingredients are:

  • purified water
  • bentonite clay
  • sea salt
  • spearmint essential oil
  • menthol
  • tea tree oil

You have to order this particular flavour or they add xylitol and other essential oils to the mix. But this toothpaste is the greatest! I love how my teeth feel afterward. I’ve managed to smuggle it across two flights so far without getting caught by keeping it with the baby wipes. I like it much better than the toothpaste I was making that I used for the last three years.

Baby food – My Serenity Kids

I like this baby food, but it’s not available yet. I don’t really like how they add kale to the mix of ingredients. For instance, here’s their beef mix:

  • organic sweet potato
  • water
  • grass fed beef
  • organic kale
  • Himalayan sea salt

Kale is hard to digest! But the ingredients are leagues ahead of most other premixed baby food. Obviously, I’m only eating meat, but if I had to add a green I would have preferred if they had used spinach. I’m linking because I thought it was a neat idea. I would recommend you just feed your kid what you’re eating, but if you are going to buy pre-packaged food, this seems pretty good. Just wish they’d replace their kale with spinach (or more meat).

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  1. I second Redmond Real Salt. It tastes really good, doesn’t appear to have the pollution that salt from the polluted sea has, and appear to an excellent broad spectrum mineral profile.

    I’ve also hear Dr. Jame DiNicolanatonio recommend Redmond Real Salt as his favorite brand

    #225 The Salt Fix with Dr. James DiNicolantonio

    Side Notes:

    Nutrients are ushered into the cell and cellular exhaust out of the cell via the sodium potassium membrane electrical potential. In other words, it takes both sodium (Na) and potassium (K) to optimize that critical process. The ratio between Na to K on a hair mineral biopsy is said to be one of the most important ratios on the whole test.

    Stress, from any source, known or unknown, depletes both Magnesium (Mg) and K, among other things, from inside cells. Research shows that Mg has to be replenished prior to the cell building up its K reserves.

    The Gerson Therapy paradigm is that Na has swamped the inside of the cell and the K has been basically run out of town. This screws up the electrical potential difference across the sodium potassium membrane and causes cells to act “wonky.” This is why they basically eliminate Na from the diet and juice, juice, juice hi K veggies. They want to build up the cell’s K stores without excess Na interfering, but but they know that stomach acid depends on Na. Therefore, they juice to limit the need for stomach acid.

    I haven’t resolved in my mind how best to deal with an Na / K imbalance or low absolute levels, but I post this so others can learn from it and, hopefully, add information to it.

    Getting that Na/K ratio is a big deal, IMHO. Most K comes from cooked green leafy vegetables, BTW. Coconut water is also high in K, but to get the most out of it, it is best to sip it over a longer period of time. As they say, “drink your food (chew, chew, chew) and eat your drink (sip, sip, sip if it has nutrients you want).”

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