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Favourite Shampoo and Conditioner (good for babies too!)

By Mikhaila

I went on vacation and didn’t fill up little travel containers with shampoo and conditioner and I really regretted it. The place I was staying had this horrible strawberry smelly stuff and I couldn’t get it out of my hair. I don’t use anything with perfumes because they bother me a bit (normal allergies). I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner.

I think it’s helped with my hairs oil (I have naturally pretty oily hair). (Although what’s made the biggest difference to my hair health is going all meat). But here are the shampoo and conditioner I use (I don’t use conditioner on my scalp). I also use this for the baby!

Carina Organics Shampoo Unscented

Carina Organics Conditioner Unscented

UPDATE: 2023 I use Viori unscented now! 

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a danger of nutritional deficiencies on an all meat diet? Like manganese, iodine etc…


  2. Just found your blog after listening to your Dad talk about you on Joe Rogan. I switched to a natural coconut oil shampoo and conditioner myself. Unbelievable difference. On a related note my husband changed his life by using cannabis (medical) and changing his diet.

  3. Have had bad scalp reactions to some “regular” shampoos, and hate anything with a strong smell(migraine trigger): unscented everything! Best luck I’ve had with shampoo has been Trader Joe’s “tea tree tingle” which smells vaguely minty, but the smell doesn’t stick around in my hair at all. I don’t bother with conditioner any more: I have a spray bottle full of diluted white vinegar, and after shampooing I spray it on my hair, then rinse quick with cool water. Works just as well but without the greasy residue. YMMV

  4. What I do:
    I use vodka, nothing else but vodka.
    Every previous night I apply vodka to my hair but more importantly on the scalp and then I massage it for 5 minutes.
    Every morning before I do anything, I apply vodka to my hair without the massage and then i do the habitual things: drinking water, doing physical exercise and bathing.

    What I believe:
    Vodka is on the one hand a vasodilator and therefore facilitates blood circulation
    and on the other an astringent and therefore facilitates the moderation of the sebaceous secretion of the scalp.

    The actual outcome:
    I have zero dandruff, a problem I use to have and I use to buy Neutrogena Shampoo T/Gel to control it.
    Hair is not greasy
    Much less expenses.

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