Feeling better again

So after removing fish and the few fruit I could tolerate, my arthritis is going away, I’m less itchy again and my mood is improving. Also my face isn’t as puffy which is always nice.

Being restricted in what you eat is difficult, but it’s especially difficult when you feel miserable, you’re hungry, AND you have to cook. If you feel good, cooking doesn’t seem like as big a deal.

I had my IgG antibodies tested again. The antibody levels are slowly going down as they should be, but a weird one popped up.

Those are the kelp noodles I had last summer! On my first blog post I wrote down no kelp noodles. Turns out my body doesn’t like kelp. That was a terrible reaction that lasted for about 35 days. I thought maybe they had added sulfites to the noodles or something but nope, turns out it’s just the plant. Weird. But also kind of reassuring to see pop up on a test.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to add back the fish and fruit after the pregnancy. But I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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    1. Fasting made me feel better to, but you can only keep it up for so long! Try eating chicken or beef and collard greens and cucumbers. Then you don’t have to fast. If I start reacting I go back to that. That’s always safe for me.

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